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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick Update on Me

I thought that I'd give you all a quick update on me before quickly doing the Countdown-to-my-deluxe-Les-Mis-CD-arriving post. Rather, it's another of my to-do lists.

So after I do this post and the countdown post, I want to do a quick post on my writing blog, as I promised you all. I need to work on taking my stories from Figment, letting my followers know I'm leaving, and direct them to my writing blog. I don't have time for all those swap things, I wasn't going to win the contest anyway, and I'd rather have all my writing stuff in one place. That's why I'm quitting Figment. (By the way, thank you so much for all the follows on the writing blog, girls! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw I had gone from two followers to six this morning - a happy one, though. ;D)

I don't think I'm going to get around to do an update on my PME blog or my reviews blog, but those can wait. Then I need to finish my letter to Voronda because my dad's taking a trip to the post office this afternoon. I need to finish all that and maybe work on some things on my actually-need-to-do list by 11:30 (which is approximately in one hour) because I have to make lunch + wash some grapes (not too fun) by noon when Mia and Mummy come back from Mia's swimming class.

My ACTUALLY Need To-Do List:
- study for Social quiz that I need to take today
- finish those last few Bio homework question
- do that Bio assignment
- clean

DEFINITELY much better than last week - I made an attempt (and I guess it was a good one) to get school finished earlier this week.

At the moment, I'm not loving my Bio, which is strange for me. But I have a good reason. What is it? It's on the reproductive system...and you don't want to know how much it goes into detail. It isn't even appropriate - that's the extent. *shoulders sag* I've never looked forward to a unit test, but I'm sort of looking forward to Tuesday when I'll be done with this unit - well, until the final, that is.

I must bustle off now! Bye, my lovelies! ;)

- Alyianna


  1. uuugh. I always hated reproductive chapters in science. Even when they were classy and subtle I was still like, "SHOULD I BE READING THIS?!"

    And yay! I hope your CD arrives ASAP. IT's always a pain waiting.

  2. GOOD Luck on all your endeavour! :)And I will be waiting for it to arrive! :)

  3. I know, exactly. I've shown my mom some of it, and she's totally disgusted, too. :-/

  4. I didn't take that chapter in bio. I was the only one in class who didn't take it. I can't believe they show thatstuff in school.

  5. How were you able to skip it? I have a whole unit on it, though. :-/


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