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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Top Twenty Favourite Foods (Sort Of)

Here is the promised favourite foods post. :)

My very favourite food is peanut butter sandwiches. Nothing, NOTHING can ever beat this delicious food. My mom agrees (except that chocolate and peanut butter are about equal for her). Oh, and Skippy is the best brand, and crunchy is better than creamy.

My picture. PB & Chocolate/Nutella

After that, I can't rank the foods, so I'll just name some of my favourites and we'll see if I can stick with just 20.

Another of my favourites is three meat pizza, the best pizza there is. And it has to be from Kraft Delicisiou, or however it's spelled. It only tastes that good from that brand.

Three. Gołąbki, Polish cabbage rolls. Just delicio! (see what I did there?) By the way, what are they stuffed with? With ground beef and rice. :)

Four. Pierogi. (And don't you dare try to correct me and say it's called pierogies, Alyianna dear. NO, IT ISN'T!!! You obviously don't know Polish grammar.)

Five. Apple fritters. Here is a beautiful picture of when I made them last year. Heaven.

My image. :)

Six. Muffins from this little store in the mountains that we visit a few times every year during our trips to the mountains in the summer just because those muffins are so good. (No, we don't go only for the muffins. We go there if we happen to be in the area. xD)

This is the best picture I can find. The muffins are really huge
 and the fruit ones are just PACKED with fruit.

Seven. Nanaimo bars. My favourite dessert next to ice cream.

Eight. Ice cream. Nanaimo bar flavour is the best. xD And I like the chocolaty-type flavours better than the fruit ones (though all ice cream is delicious).

Nine. My dad's bean salad. Oh, delicious. :)

My dad's doesn't have the carrot, cucumber, or corn in it. Just beans...and the sauce.

Ten, Greek salad. One of my favourite salads (remember this list isn't in order except for pb sandwiches at the top). I can never get enough of the feta cheese. If it was up to ME, I would put double or triple the feta cheese. Okay, okay...maybe only double. :P

Eleven. The delicious lumberjack sandwich from Safeway. It goes wonderfully with Safeway's potato and coleslaw salads. ;)

Twelve. This German granola that Mia and I made last week. My mom and I agree that it is better than any other granola we have ever tasted.

Thirteen. My dad's lasagna.

My dad's lasagna looks better than this.

Fourteen. My mom's rice pudding. I just had the leftovers from it for breakfast on the day that I typed these words (yes, it took me several days to do this whole post).

My picture. I stir mine up, but my mom thinks it looks gross and leaves it  layered.

Fifteen. My mom's chicken soup with noodles. It's mostly spaghetti. :P

The soup looks like this, except without those green stuff floating around. (xD)

Sixteen. Swedish food from Ikea. Okay, maybe the hot dogs aren't Swedith, but the rest is. :P I always look forward to the food whenever we go to Ikea. ;)

Seventeen. My dad's pistachio salad.

Eighteen. Hamburgers, onion rings. (Don't you tell me that doesn't count as one!)

Nineteen. Other food court food like those platters from Opa and Taco Time, and Arby's roast beef sandwich.

Twenty. Polish sausage and my mom's Polish vegetable Easter salad.

My picture


  1. Haha wow. You like a lot of food. lol. We make really good pizza. We're Italian. We're actually spoiled, we can't eat store bought pizza. We have to make our own. LOL.

    I wish you had waited to post this. Scrolling through pictures of food makes me hungry. And it's Lent so I can't snack. Hahahah!

  2. haha yeah I do :P It's sort of a weakness for me, if you understand my meaning.

    Oh...I bet it is really good!

  3. OH my gosh.... YUM!!! yum to all :D


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