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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I'm sure some of you have been wondering where I have been these last few days with no posts on this blog. If not...SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding. ;)

Well, brace yourself for a long explanation because I love to give these. Yeah, I'm one of those people who find it extremely difficult to explain something in a short and concise way, if you haven't figured out yet.

I believe I've said before a couple of times that I was having trouble with Chemistry. Well, more than trouble - a LOT of trouble. My mark actually at the moment is in the low 70s which is NOT my type of mark. So...these LFD (short for last few days :P), I've been getting some extra Chemistry help.

Wednesday night I had a tutoring session, which really was more of a thing where I brought my own material to study and then asked questions if I needed to. Of course, I asked a whole ton of questions (funny how it always seems that I'm the only person in class who asks questions...). Then starting Friday night was what I called my Chemistry Horror Weekend to my friends, but it really wasn't that bad. What exactly was this event? Well, Friday night, most of Saturday, Sunday after church until the evening, and Monday evening, I was at the university close to home attending final prep lectures. The teacher, Mr. L., was really good. He's in his fifties, and he teaches in a very engaging, instructive, and humorous way. Aaaaaand he likes to move around a lot...he has a lot of energy for someone his age. :P He likes to shout, jump up into the aisle, or clap really loudly to get our attention. He also accompanies his teaching with lots of funny little anecdotes, such as the time when he almost killed a classroom of students by not understanding the chloride anomaly/exception. Yes, it's very true, and if you want to hear about it, you'll have to comment and ask for it. And yes, that was a way of me trying to get you to comment. :P

What was today then? I'm posting much later than usual, ja? (You better have read the last sentence with a German accent.) Wellllll...this morning was the BIG. CHEMISTRY. FINAL. How did I do? I think okay. I actually had time to go over a few of the questions and pick up two stupid mistakes, so I was pleased with that. I wasn't expecting that all of the people supervising the exam would be elderly people (like the grandma-and-grandpa age :P), though...but that was okay. Besides the fact that one of the guys came over to examine my photo ID, etc., AND WHEN PEOPLE STAND RIGHT BY ME I CAN'T CONCENTRATE ON WHAT I'M DOING. Just a little fun fact for you. ;)

Soooo...that's pretty much about it. I better go and start trying to catch up on my Special Projects/history from a Catholic perspective. Talk to you all later! :)

- Alyianna <3


  1. Once I got to the "ja," yes, it was in a German accent. ;) Sounds like you've been busy - sorry Chemistry has been hard, and good luck with the rest of your schoolwork!

  2. Thanks Arda. :) It's definitely good to hear from you again! Which reminds me of that cover we were going to do......still up for that? Maybe we need an easier song or something. :P Dunno...

  3. I'm sorry! I was going to do it during break but then I was having voice troubles. With the song I did have trouble with the timing (like when exactly each line starts) and it's a bit low, but I can try it again.

  4. Sure! I know what that's like...but I forgot about it until now with school and now (okay, I did remember from time to time for a moment), so I haven't really done anything. I'll have to practice the song because I haven't done it for a while. :P By the way, do you still have that email with which lines each of us was going to sing? Maybe you could re-email it to me so I don't have to go searching through my inbox for it? ;)

  5. What's that story you mentioned? Hmmmm... Mr. L sounds like my science teacher... with the stories. Our science class is way too much fun... unless we get a quiz. I'm terrible in science ^-^

  6. Thank you! :D :P I shall post it veeery keep an eye out for it. :)

    Science is not exactly my best point, either...but Mr. L actually got me very well prepared for my final, so I'm happy. It's the first time I've ever enjoyed Chemistry. :P

  7. Just found the story-- it is so close to some of the ones my teacher tells us! Thanx so much. Luv ur blog :)


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