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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

UK preemie escapes 'death pathway' by a pair of scissors

by Peter Baklinski

Thu Dec 20, 2012

BRIGHTON, UK, December 20, 2012, ( – A baby girl born prematurely at a UK hospital barely escaped death after doctors discovered that she weighed just enough to be considered “viable” according to their standards of infant care.

What doctors did not realize was that it was a pair of scissors left accidentally on the scale that bumped up the baby’s weight to their acceptable standard.

Maddalena Douse was born at 23 weeks. UK ethical guidelines suggest that “extremely preterm infants” weighing less than 400 grams be left to die while receiving “compassionate care only.”

A media investigation last month revealed that the UK’s Liverpool Care Pathway — what has been called a “death pathway” —  is being used by doctors to end the lives of sickly babies. One doctor admitted to starving and dehydrating 10 babies to death in a neonatal unit in a London hospital.

Doctors at the Royal Sussex Hospital thought that little Maddalena—along with her twin sister Isabella who unfortunately passed away—was too small to survive.

Doctors put Maddalena on the scale and were surprised to discover that she weighed 453 grams, well above the acceptable standard. They decided to fight for her life.

It was only after Maddalena was receiving treatment in the Neonatial Intensive Care Unit that doctors discovered their mistake of leaving a pair of scissors on the scale that had artificially bumped up the little girl’s weight.

Maddalena was later found to weigh only 382g. (...)

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  1. Awesome story! i'm so glad she lived, and I hope her story will mean less are left to die.

  2. People are sick. People are totally sick. If the baby survived birth, and was alive after that ordeal-- I don't care how much it weighs, it deserves a chance at life! How DARE the doctors think they have a right to chose which babies live or die! Just... just... oh. They make me so mad.


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