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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Justin Bieber's Mother Adds Her Voice to the Pro-Life 'Crescendo'

The mother of the pop-music star is executive producer of a new movie.


A scene from 'Crescendo'

LOS ANGELES — The producers behind the new award-winning short film Crescendo hope that their film has the same kind of life-altering effect as movies such as October Baby and Bella.

Created by the same team that put together Bella, the debut of Crescendo Feb. 28 also features a video testimony by Pattie Mallette, the mother of pop-music teen favorite Justin Bieber, as a fundraising appeal for crisis-pregnancy centers nationwide.

Producers Eduardo Verástegui, Jason Jones and Leo Severino plan to debut the 15-minute film, and Mallette’s appeal to raise funds for crisis-pregnancy centers around the country, at individual- and organization-hosted showings. Their goal is to release the film on more than 100 screens during a special one-night event.

“My lifelong mission has been to work for the full protection of the human person,” said Jones, founder of Movie to Movement. “I wanted to create a universal film that promotes the dignity and worth of the human person across cultures and time.”

Based on a true story, Crescendo is set in the 18th century. It tells the story of a series of events that turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience for a woman (portrayed by Colombian actress Montserrat Espalde) whose life will never be the same. The film enlisted the talent of accomplished Mexican writer and director Alonso Alvarez.

Mallette, the film’s executive producer, recorded a special appeal at the conclusion of the film that shares her own testimony. Mallette became pregnant at the age of 17 and spent the duration of her pregnancy living at a Canadian crisis-pregnancy center.

“I felt alone and scared and unprepared and didn’t have anywhere to go,” Mallette told the Register about her experience. “If it wasn’t for the crisis-pregnancy center, I’m not sure where we would be. They offered me a place to stay, education, proper nutrition and gave me the confidence to be the best mom to Justin that I could be.”

Mallette said the film really resonated with her.

“I could relate to the position of the mother in the film — also the mother of a musical son,” said Mallette. “I had a lot of pressure not to keep my baby. I could relate with her.”

Mallette said that Justin Bieber hasn’t yet seen the film, but is well aware of it.

“He knows about it; I’ve talked to him about it,” said Mallette. “We’re working out details for the debut while I’m on tour with Justin in Europe in February.”

“I’m excited to lend my name to support this project,” said Mallette. “I’m excited to give others the same opportunities I had. My hope is that this movie encourages young women just like me all over the world that there is a safe place they can go where people will take care of you.” (...)

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