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Monday, December 10, 2012

Why taste is all in the senses

8 December 2012 

Why taste is all in the senses

By Philippa Roxby
Health reporter, BBC News

Not everyone experiences the taste of food in the same way.

While some of us reach for a strong coffee in the morning, others recoil. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts may be high on some people's list of favourite Christmas vegetables - but certainly not on everyone's.

The reason why we all react differently to food is not subjective, scientists say. Instead, it is partly genetic and that knowledge is helping them to understand how we use our senses to process flavour.

If you screw your face up at the taste of a lemon and cannot bear sprouts then it is probably because you are a 'supertaster', along with 25% of the UK population.

This means you have twice as many taste buds on your tongue as the rest of us - something which makes you particularly sensitive to bitter tastes.

But now scientists have discovered the existence of 'thermal tasters'. These are people whose taste buds react to the temperature of the food on their tongue. (...)

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