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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tomorrow is a New Year!

Wow! Can you believe that yet another year has gone by? I hardly can. But now that today is the last day of the year 2012, I am going to look back at my 101 Things to accomplish in this year of 2012 (actually 62, but that's okay :D). Have I done any of these things? I'm just as much in the dark as you are, so here's time for enlightment!

1. Grow in my spiritual life. I hope I have!
2. Learn how to make website/blog backgrounds. Errr...not yet. Not yet. It is on one of my to-do lists, though...
3. Write more for my FOTN book. Done and working on!
4. Get some progress done on the book my friend Hockeygeek and I will be working on. Since then...not really... :-/
5. Re-read The Lord of the Rings. It's already on that list of books to read ASAP, don't worry!
6. Re-read The Hobbit close to when the movie comes out. Doing that right now.
7. Watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when it comes out in December. *sigh* Not yet...
8. Study for my learners. Not yet (again)....
9. Do well in school this year. Well, I'm doing okay, I guess... :-/
10. Get 40 followers on this blog. ALMOST THERE!!! *woot*
11. Get 50 followers on my PME blog. Nope.
12. Get 20 followers on my reviews blog. Let's go check... WOAH. I have exactly 20 followers over there!!!
13. Read the fourth JP2 High book when it comes out this spring (YAY!!!). READ IT!
14. Read other people's blog posts and comment on their blogs more. Ahhh...not really. Sorry guys - I've just been so busy! That's what summer is for, I guess.
15. Be more patient. Ummm...maybe? I dunno. I'm probably just as impatient as before.
16. Be more unselfish. Same as above, but since I'm not really good at tracking progress in things....
17. Read The Silmarillion for the first time (I have only listened to it on audio book). *sigh* Okay, let's go add it to the "To Read" list...
18. Find a new music artist I like. IL VOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEKY! (Yeah, I'm that weird. :P)
19. Visit somewhere far away from home in the mountains area. Oh yeah!!! Done that last summer. :D
20. Watch Star Wars for the first time. Noperz.
21. Get a YouTube account. My baby YouTube, I've got it. xD (And we thought it was unattainable, did we not, precious?)
22. Get a Fanpop account. Ooooh...forgot about that website entirely. xD
23. Get my family really good presents for their birthdays, name days, and for Christmas. ;) I think so. ;)
24. Become even more of a LOTR fanatic. Oooh...dunno about that one. I'm probably around the same where I was. :P
25. Get a new LOTR guide. I got a Hobbit guide - does that count? I'll put it as a half. :P
26. Get a gmail account for my blogs and the LOTR website I am working on. Done!
27. Find a new movie I will love. Hmm....lemme think... OH! Bridge to Terabithia!!!
28. Learn more Polish. Uhhh...does one word count? (NO, IT DOESN'T, YOU BAD GIRL!)
29. Teach my sister something she will like to do. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......I can't think of anything at the moment..............
30. Learn to play the piano. *sigh* Nope yet again... I need to take some more initiative here...
31. Laugh more often. With the school I've got...let's just say let's not talk about it. xD
32. Do something to change someone's life. I like to think that even small things that people do can change another's life in some small way, so let's say yes. :)
33. Lead someone to God and a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I wish...but I have prayed for it, so at least I tried. Another half point? Okay. :)
34. Make this blog better (any suggestions?). Hmm...hooom....ANY SUGGESTIONS?!
35. Find a way to make my dream of becoming a singer become true. Hey, I have a YouTube channel now, don't I? LET'S MAKE THIS WORK. Half point? No, no, half point for not taking enough initiative yet. :P
36. Get a little bit over my shyness. A bit, I think. :)
37. Finish the Helm's Deep level in the LOTR Defense game I have on my iPod that I just CAN'T DO! I think I did...that was a really random goal. :P
38. Pray every day for my future husband. Yes. :)
39. Finish this list. Well, sort of...
40. Get at least 40 things on this list. Was I drunk with delight of the day's sunshine or something then? xD Seriously...I'm going to give myself a point just for doing the most idiotic thing I've ever done so far in my life. :P
41. Wake up at least one day this year and feel extremely happy (perhaps for no reason at all). I think so, probably... :)
42. Have one day this year that I could call close to being perfect. ;) Ummm...maybe? I'll guess I'll put a point down. I've had some pretty good days. :)
43. A-a-apply for *gulp* college. :O Not yet, but I already know which one(s) I'm going to apply to, so I'll give myself a point because it's a little early now. :)
44. Listen to more Disney music and rewatch more Disney movies. Done!
45. Watch The Lord of the Rings for the third time (actually fourth for FOTN). I watched part of TTT with a friend for the third time....but that doesn't count...
46. Do covers of several songs (including Disney) and post them here (would you guys like that?). Errr...forgot about that. Was anybody interested in some Disney covers?
47. Find a dress I like that I can wear on a daily basis. Nope, but I got some really nice dresses for church. That counts, right? Good enough - I'll give myself a point. :P
48. Perhaps wear it to youth group and surprise everyone. Nope, but that would be fun to do someday. :P
49. Doodle more often. I've drawn some cool pictures while watching recorded elives. Want to see them? :D
50. Do well on my Chemistry test. Probably that meant my Chemistry final. I think I did okay. :)
51. Re-read To Kill A Mockingbird. Nope, but I bought it so I always have it! :D
52. Find a play version of Romeo and Juliet and watch it. Nope. :P
53. Same for Macbeth. Nope again. :P
54. Maybe watch some things from The Lord of the Rings musical? Nope.
55. Watch 9. Nope, but I've got it at home (but I might have had it then, too).
56.  Re-watch The Adventures of Huck Finn for the third time. Yes!
57. Comfort someone, who really needs it. Yes. :)
58. Make a good contribution in some way to society. I've made sandwiches for homeless men with my youth group. :)
59. Finish writing a book!!!!!! (that's certainly a biggie) No, definitely NOT!
60. Watch the Olympics on TV this summer. (London this year!!!) Yes, though I watched it on my dad's iPad, actually. :P
61. Make a personality quiz. I I'll give myself half a point. :P
62. Make somebody's year blessed. Ah...I doubt that. :P That was kind of a really way-out there goal. :P

So how many of these goals did I actually meet? I counted: 31 1/2 out 62

That's pretty good, isn't it? :)

I may make a to-do list for 2013 soon. :) Bye for now!

- Alyianna <3

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