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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hans Christian Andersen's 'first work'

12 December 2012 

Tallow Candle: Hans Christian Andersen's 'first work'

An early work by Hans Christian Andersen has been found at the bottom of a box near the Danish fairy tale writer's home city, experts say.

The Tallow Candle is a short story about a revered candle that becomes grimy and neglected until its inner beauty is recognised and ignited.

The ink-written manuscript is dedicated: "To Mme Bunkeflod, from her devoted HC Andersen".

Experts say it was probably written by the Ugly Duckling author in the 1820s.

Mrs Bunkeflod is thought to be a widow whom the writer visited, read to and borrowed books from as a child.

Experts told Danish daily Politiken the script is likely the copy of an original manuscript that has since been lost.

The newspaper has translated and published a version of the story in English. (...)

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