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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why India loves a good electrician

6 November 2012 

Why India loves a good electrician

By Anu Anand BBC News, Delhi 

Some wiring could do with detangling in Kolkata 

Many Indians seem to be proud of their ability to deal with inefficiency - but how long can a country that projects itself as a global powerhouse continue to put up with a situation where anything that can go wrong, usually does?

It has been two years since my family and I moved to India full-time and, when I look around the boxy, expensive flat we rent and reflect on how I have spent my time here, inevitably I feel a bit tired.

On the bright side, I have managed to produce a second child, work and have some amazing adventures - but I also see many lost hours spent endlessly repairing things.

I have lost count of how many electrical sockets have melted. For the past month, strange electrical fluctuations in our sitting room have turned it into a discotheque. We have even had light bulbs explode above our heads.

No wonder my electrician has become my best friend, visiting us on average twice a week. (...)

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