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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Christmas List - Sort Of (The Hobbit/LOTR Version)

When I found out about the new and official Hobbit and LOTR website, of course I went to go look at it. As I browsed through the many wonderful items, I thought, "Hey, why don't I make a post of things I like? Kind of like a Christmas list, but it can be just a list to keep track of the things I'd like once I have an allowance money to be thinking of such a thing." (Note: Most - all of my allowance money goes in buying presents for my family...or sister, in most cases.)

So here it is! I'm not going to put these in any particular order...just the order I think of them/come across them/whatever:

This bookmark set for $21 looks pretty cool. :)

You can never go wrong with a Frodo bookmark for #9. ;)

AAAAHHH! Hobbit soundtrack! Of course, the extended is always the best ;), which is for $22 and the un-extended one is $16.

Of all the T-shirts, I like this one best. It's $20.

I would like to get some more action figures to keep Frodo, Aragorn, and Legolas company. Tauriel looks like a copy of Arwen, except with red hair...that was just a thought. :P It would be nice to have a young Bilbo and Gandalf the Grey is awesome. :) Of course, Gollum would work perfectly with Frodo...especially if I had a Sam. :P And Thorin is cool with a capital C. And I'd always love an Eowyn... So, in other words, I wouldn't ever be able to decide. :P

LEGO! :D I already have the Gandalf Arrives set...unfortunately, the ones I like the best are also the most expensive...the castle at Helm's Deep, Moria, and the attack on Weathertop. But, of course, I would like any of these sets. :)

Others: This elven brooch is kinda cool. I would never pay for the really expensive ones, and it's not I like it need to look real authentic. And I would really like to have a Hobbit calendar...or a LOTR one (of course, another Taylor Swift calendar would be awesome, too). And a mug would be cool...especially that Unexpected Journey one with all of the dwarves and Bilbo and Gandalf on it. A real poster...*sigh* And that Hobbit journal is kind of cool, but I already have so many notebooks.

Sooo...let's try to narrow this down. GAAAAH...this is impossible! Because I don't really NEED any of these things...I can make myself a poster, and plus, where would I put it with my lovely lilac pictures on my wall? I don't really need that elven brooch, and I already knocked off the journal off the list. I don't really need the bookmarks, they are more to look at it and I have lots of bookmarks. I can listen to the Hobbit soundtracks when they get leaked on YouTube, which they certainly will...but is that really fair just listening to the leaked versions? Okay, so Hobbit soundtrack is still on the list. And I really do like that T-shirt and I did eliminate it from all of the others. Would I rather have action figures or Lego? Oooh...maybe Lego...but then I'd say action figures. Can't decide. And for a calendar, it doesn't matter what type of calendar I have...

So among my LOTR things, Hobbit soundtrack, the T-shirt, the action figures, and the Lego are still on the list. And it took me that big post to decide. But I know that you guys like to hear from the immature and crazy Alyianna, so I hope you enjoyed it. ;) I'll do another list with non-Hobbit/LOTR stuff another day.

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  1. I have pics of Orlando Bloom that I was trying to sell because I'm no longer a fan.

    I agree, the brooch is awesome! :)


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