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Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Lost' Beethoven hymn unearthed

 24 October 2012 

'Lost' Beethoven hymn unearthed

By Ian Youngs 
Arts reporter, BBC News

Beethoven's version of the hymn
Pange Lingua was written
around 1820 

A previously unknown Beethoven arrangement for an ancient hymn has been uncovered after 192 years.

The composer wrote a harmony for the Gregorian chant Pange Lingua and modified its tune, said the University of Manchester's Professor Barry Cooper.

The passage was written in a sketchbook but had previously been regarded as an exercise or a sketch for another piece.

Prof Cooper recognised the hymn's tune and identified the two-minute piece as a previously unknown Beethoven work.

The leading expert on the composer said it was a rare example of the composer writing religious music. (...)

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