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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daily Minute Meditation

How All Things Are to Be Referred to God, Our Last End

Christ: My child if you desire true happiness, then I must be the ultimate goal of all your works. Too often your affections are inclined toward yourself and other creatures; direct them toward Me, and they will be purified. They who serve Me freely and willingly will receive grace for grace; but they who glorify themselves, or take delight in anything else besides Me, will not be established in perfect joy. Do not think you are virtuous, nor attribute virtue to anyone, but give all credit to God.

If you understand rightly, you will rejoice only in Me, and in Me alone you will place your confidence; for no one is good but God alone (Lk 18:19), and He alone is to be honored above all things and in all things shall He be blessed.

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