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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Satan Likes to Hide, but every now and then, He shows his face

By: Msgr. Charles Pope

The video below is a humorous commercial that illustrates that sometimes our enemy, Satan, disguises himself in very unlikely ways.

It would seem that one of the more common tactics of Satan in our times is to hide and/or disguise himself. Indeed, in our times he is never more powerful than when he is denied or forgotten. In secular and rationalistic times why should he tip his hand too frequently or do anything that might cause further belief in the supernatural?

In other ages, more noted for faith, and where few denied either the existence of God nor the presences of demons and angels, it would seem that Satan was far more likely to use fear and would often disclose his presence more widely. Demonic torments, obsessions and possessions were more frequent, and people took the presence of demons for granted. Jesus Frequently drove demons out, and exorcism was once a widely used sacramental in the Church.

But the fact is, Satan is no less present today, in fact he may be more present given the widespread darkness of these times. (...)

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