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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lederhosen and dirndl dresses make a comeback

21 October 2012

Lederhosen and dirndl dresses make a comeback

By Bethany Bell BBC News, Vienna

In Austria and Germany, the traditional costume known as Tracht always used to be the preserve of the ultra-conservative. But these traditional clothes - lederhosen for men and dirndl dresses for women - have recently become rather fashionable.

High on a hill near Salzburg, a farmer, with an impressive beer belly, danced at a village festival.

He was wearing a checked shirt, embroidered braces and weather-beaten leather shorts, known as lederhosen. They were very short. Little of his stout, hairy thighs was left to the imagination.

Close-by, a group of girls giggled at some private joke. They could have been extras from The Sound of Music, because they were all wearing dirndl dresses: dark bodices over white blouses with plunging necklines, and full skirts with colourful aprons.

"It is quite normal to wear Tracht here," one of the villagers told me. "Perhaps not every day - but it is part of who we are."

And not just in the countryside. Even in big cities like Vienna, you come across people going to work in traditional jackets with short green collars, loden coats with horn buttons and even dirndls. (...)

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Alyianna: Err...may I say that I'd like to wear a dress like that? If there is one thing you should know about me, it' that I like old-fashioned things, including clothes. :P


  1. That's cool...and odd at the same time. I think it would be fun to wear a dress like that once in awhile, but I prefer sweats. :D

    Btw, I emailed you about something a couple days ago.

  2. AAAAH!!! Darn! I saw that and I completely forgot about it! I'll get to that RIGHT away! Sorry!!!!


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