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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hello! :D

Since my two followers from my writing blog are also followers here, I thought I would just say it here - more obstacles. I haven't had the time to write for a few days - including yesterday. My excuse for yesterday? Choir practice.

USA X Factor was last night and will also be tonight - and all the good people got past to judge's houses. :D As far as I know, Simon is mentoring groups (big surprise there *sarcastic*) and Demi is mentoring the young adults (I thought she was going to mentoring the teens because that seemed the perfect thing for Demi!). My dad thinks L.A. Reid is going to be mentoring the teens, and that's why in the teaser for the judge's houses he acted mad and slammed down the phone...because the guest judge for the teens is probably Justin Bieber. XD I have to say...I would agree with L.A., if that's the case. ;P

There's this saying that "You learn something new every day." I think that is very true...but yesterday, I learned several things. :P

1. I may be good at singing, but I sound like a strangled hen when I try to sing along to the karaoke instrumental for "I Will Always Love You".
2. In choir practice, I learned quite a bit about reading music! :O :D Which I've wanted to be able to learn for a long time. :)
3. In the way back from choir practice, I asked my dad some questions and now I know what some things in the car are for like the thing that shows how fast the engine is going, etc. This may seem ridiculous to you other teens, but I've always been the type to stick my nose in a book all throughout car trips and I know pretty much NOTHING about cars and driving. Suddenly, driving my own car now seems like an intriguing and wonderful thing. :P

As always,
Alyianna :)


  1. It looks that way. ;) Except when you get tons of snow and the roads in your city or either so slippery that it's hard to keep control of your car OR it gets stuck in snow. Happened to my parents many times.


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