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Monday, October 29, 2012

Daily Minute Meditation

How Grace Is to Be Kept Close through the Virtue of Humility

Christ: My child, do not depend too much on feelings of devotion which can quickly change into the opposite. Progress in the spiritual life does not consist in having this grace of devotion, but rather in bearing the withdrawal and the absence of it humbly and patiently, without ceasing to pray or leaving your accustomed good works undone. They who feel to secure in time of peace become dejected and fearful in time of conflict and temptation. If only you could remain humble and little in your opinion and keep the motions of your soul under control, you would not quickly fall into presumption or despair.

When I put you to the test, it is more profitable for you than always to have things go according to your will. But if you are firmly grounded in humility, if you seek purely the worship of God, you may really hope that in the end you will have the reward of God for all your labor.

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