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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Up With Me (Other than the Ceiling)

So...hello again, my followers. I know you got a post yesterday, but I decided to another one today. :)

I posted my little "news thing" about the X Factor. Well, news has just come in who has been eliminated now. I'll let this video tell you who it was:

Yes...What About Tonight. I find it a little sad, but I would have been heartbroken if it was Bella or Jason, so I'm okay. Anyway, as one of the boys said (sorry that's the one I don't know the name for), this isn't the end of What About Tonight.

What else is new? Well, I have an English unit test tomorrow, on Mia's ninth birthday. *sigh* And after that's over, I need to do the week's reading of Hamlet because I was concentrating on my Chemistry and making notes for English. Now I'm just hoping that next week won't have a Chemistry unit test because I don't know how I would do on that...

Last night I did some little notes on lyrics for songs...which I haven't done EVER before because I just thought, "Nah, I can't write songs. My lyrics suck so bad." But...maybe...just maybe......they don't. :P I could perhaps post some of my snatches of lyrics if I get some interest...? :P

OH! I also found the picture I was planning on putting in yesterday's post, but couldn't find it. Here it is! ;D

I am going to try to get myself back into the writing phase again. Just when to find the time... *SIGH*

Besides that, I'm reading snatches of two books at a time whenever I have a moment (which, this week, is pretty much 0% so far compared to a very small, but larger percent last week). I have The Postman downstairs because my dad showed me the trailer for the movie a few months back and I thought it looked good...but back then I had my English AP books to read...which I didn't need to read in the end, anyways. But it was a good lesson in getting myself to read some books I would have otherwise never tried. Then I've got a third Sierra Jensen book upstairs.

And now I must go. ;) Bye! :D


  1. Good Luck on your test! Hope Mia has a good b-day. And how a wonderfully fantastic day Alyianna!:)

  2. Thanks. :) I think I did okay and Mia had a good time...right Mia? "Right," she says.

    Thanks...and you, too! :D


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