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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What About Tonight? and other X-Factor Tidbits!

Something very special caught my eye when I was viewing X Factor Australia videos last night (this one is esp. for you, RayChill!) This special thing was no more than the new boy band What About Tonight!

They are even being mentored, supposedly, by none other than One Direction! :O

And I have still more X Factor tidbits to come - below! ;)

Bella's first audition was flawless - but she struggled with the pressure at boocamp.

Fortunately, she's still in the Top Twelve along with Adil Memon, Jason Owen, Josh Brookes, Angel Tupai, Shiane Hawke, The Collective, Fourtunate, What About Tonight, Samantha Jade, Justin Standley, and Nathaniel Willemse.

I haven't listened to every single person, but my favourites are Bella, Jason, and What About Tonight. :D Tomorrow I'll post Bella, Jason, and What About Tonight's first live performances, once the results are posted whether they got through or not.

Then to British X Factor. Auditions just favourites being Ella Henderson and Christopher Maloney.

And the U.S. X Factor just started! Check out this amazing young lady. :)

Or this young lady with a very pumped-up ego?

Until next time! :D

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