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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I'm Looking Forward To


Andy Serkis reads from The Hobbit.

2nd Hobbit trailer! :D

2. Taylor Swift's new album - Red. :D
At first, when I heard "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", I was a little afraid how the album was going to be. I thought it might be all pop and...not that great. But then I heard "Ronan"...and THEN I heard Tay's new single that just came out today..."Begin Again"! :D

Now what if this song was the last one on the CD...a hint from Taylor to begin playing the CD again? XD

3. More of X Factor
Australia X Factor was on very early in the morning today where I live. Natalie, the girl's mentor, definitely chose the wrong songs for Bella and Shiane. Shiane's song was too old for her. Bella's? First of all, it is "Party Week"...not exactly Bella's style. The song Bella sang wasn't quite right for her...but she still sang it well. What was it? Let me show you. #D

Josh was booted out for bad behaviour, Carmelo Munzone replacing him. Jason Owen's song wasn't exactly his style, either, but he still sang it well.

Now what about the UK X Factor? Ella's bootcamp song was amazing, of course. :) But then there's someone else who is amazing...

4. One Direction's New Album
The single came out a few days ago!!! :D

The album is called...Take Me Home!

I had some time to fangirl last night...

Can I trade places with you Liam? :P


  1. The Hobbit is definitely the thing I have looking forward to the most. But most of the other things that I was looking forward early this year have already come like The Avengers. :)


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