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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Second Day of School (for me)

What I Wrote on First Day of School (and didn't finish it):
Well, the title really says it all! I'm already working on my English 30 lesson (or rather, reading it)...and I'm waiting for my Chem 30 icon to pop up. It turns out that I was the ONLY student in the WHOLE school, who signed up for Advanced Placement English, so the course is out of the question now. :'( And after reading almost all the books, too! Not that I regret it (too much) because it's literature...but I could have been reading other books. ;P I didn't even bother finish reading Heart of Darkness because it was boring.

So...I'm probably going to be using the Special Projects 30 course, using it to learn some history with this Catholic history book I went part-way through several years ago...which should be pretty cool! :) I have to wait for my dad to arrange it all, though.

In the meantime...

What I Wrote Today:
Well, it's all decided (sort of)! I'm going to be taking this extra class for Chemistry to get extra help...because I would be going to the elives anyway, five minutes of homework doesn't hurt, and I might as well get the three extra credits. Then I'm going to do the history for another three credits (as long as the school is okay with idea).

I've done some research for FOTN, and I HOPE to begin writing again. And then, of course, I've got my job as the editor of our school magazine for the first year full-time...and also the last.


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