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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scientists can now block heroin, morphine addiction

29 August 2012

In a major breakthrough, an international team of scientists has proven that addiction to morphine and heroin can be blocked, while at the same time increasing pain relief.

The team from the University of Adelaide and University of Colorado has discovered the key mechanism in the body's immune system that amplifies addiction to opioid drugs.

Laboratory studies have shown that the drug (+)-naloxone (pronounced: PLUS nal-OX-own) will selectively block the immune-addiction response.

The results which could eventually lead to new co-formulated drugs that assist patients with severe pain, as well as helping heroin users to kick the habit will be published tomorrow in the Journal of Neuroscience.

"Our studies have shown conclusively that we can block addiction via the immune system of the brain, without targeting the brain's wiring," says the lead author of the study, Dr Mark Hutchinson, ARC Research Fellow in the University of Adelaide's School of Medical Sciences.

"Both the central nervous system and the immune system play important roles in creating addiction, but our studies have shown we only need to block the immune response in the brain to prevent cravings for opioid drugs." (...)

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Alyianna: This is nice to hear...esp. since I'm watching Little House on the Prairie - Home Again. If you want the details, just ask... (yes, I'm trying to get some comments out of my followers ;P ...esp. since I have an awesome new fanfiction idea... ;0)


  1. That is really good! I hope it will work well! :D:D:D Can't wait to see your fanfic!

  2. I will post some soon for you then! :D I'm watching the last bits of "Home Again" and about to cry with happiness... :P You know, those :'D moments. :P


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