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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random Mash-Up Post of Anything and Everything

So...what is new with me? (Just to let you know, I have some important notes about my writing below the picture - that is below. :P)

Well, I've been sick since Monday...and I'm still croaking a little bit. Youth group starts again I'm hoping and praying that my croaking will be gone by then, otherwise... Yeah. :P

I joined the choir last Sunday...sort of. I talked to the choir master and he said he'd be glad to have me. :D But, of course, my croaking all started on Wednesday so I couldn't go...and I know my voice isn't going to be strong enough by tomorrow.

One half of Alyianna: I'm taking care of my voice!!! :O :D I am awesome... (no, that isn't prideful...that last bit was to be funny XD)
Other half of Alyianna: I WANNA SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

Anyway...what's new with THE BOX?

Inside Box:
Elijah: Can'
Zayn: Same.
Liam: Go fish.
Liam: URGH....
Lucy: *sigh* I want to see the light again...
Edmund: It won't be too much longer, don't you worry, Lu.

Outside Box:
*Harry, Niall, and Louis dancing because they are still out of the box*
*Taylor downgraded to second seat of honour and pouting because of it.*
Alyianna: Yes, we are...don't worry, Tay. It's just for a little while.
Taylor: Why does he get the seat of honour?

And in the seat of honour is...
DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, enough drum rolling.


*cues irritating fangirl noises*
Okay, okay, enough. I'll just let the pic speak for itself. ;)
Umm...enough fangirling. :P

Last night, I posted a paragraph from my Albert-and-Pa (but mostly Albert) fanfiction, and I got a stamp of approval from Raychill and her mom. :)

I decided I am going to make my "The Fantasy World of Pieno" blog  public...except that I won't post all the exclusive stuff of FOTN. Just some little excerpts, and I may delete them within a week of posting them.

So why did I just post that there? Isn't that waaaay out of context? Nope! Because TFWP isn't just for's for all of my writing! :D So make sure you follow. ;)

So look out for bits of FOTN and Last Days At Home (my LHOP fanfiction) and MORE! :D

Important note: Some of the names are all wrong because I forgot the names and I haven't had the time to go back and check yet. I get confused with all the different Mr.s... :P Oh, and also, I still have to go back and find out about all the dialogue I missed after I finish adding all my own details and taking all the stuff I remember. :)

And NOW for some random pictures! :D

That's Niall and Harry, btw. ;)

Yes, Liam likes Toy Story. (So do I!)

hahahaha love Laura with mop hair!

And, of course, I can't forget the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew! :D

"The only thing I regret about being married to you is that I won't have the joy of asking you to be my wife again."
- Charles (Pa) to Caroline (Ma)

And, to end up on a sad note, have you heard RONAN?

Yes, yes, that was a very convoluted post...but very fun to do!

Yes, yes, my precioussss....

P.S. If you read through this post and actually understood what I was talking about, good for you! :D :P


  1. I haven't watched Little House on the Prairie in so long! Love all the references! That's awesome that you joined the choir - hope you and your voice get better soon!

  2. Like Arda, I hope you feel better soon!

    I listened to Ronan. Oh, I cried!

  3. Hi Arda!
    Glad I'm not alone in my LHOP fangirling. ;) And thanks!

    Hi Spork!
    Thanks again. :) Yeah, the song is pretty sad. ;(

    God bless,
    Alyianna :)


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