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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Slowly Getting Back on Track

I'm slowly starting to get back on track with writing I'm coming back to Row80 again! :D :D :D

I probably won't have time to write until at least Saturday because I'm volunteering at the day camp. And after reading this amazing book called The Magical Worlds of The Lord of the Rings...I want to add all these cool legend-type things to special swords and whatnot.

So...I guess it's research time. No more avoiding it!!!

But...I think I'm still going to write's just SO HARD to get back into the habit of writing once I let myself get lazy. :-/


Anyway...there's going to be a picnic after the camp and clean-up tomorrow (my "clean-up" involves of giving the papers to the parents so they can sign out their kids AND organizing all the volunteer and kid name tags...because I was the only willing volunteer to do it. Actually, I was just going to sign out the kids that I'm leading...but it just turned out I did everyone's. :P). So that's going to be fun...besides the fact we're supposed to bring water guns and I only have this little itty bitty one.


  1. Here's my words of encouragement: Get back to work!

    That said, hope everything finishes up well at your day camp and you can get back to writing. Good luck!

  2. Our family is anxiously awaiting the release of "The Hobbit" as well. During the Christmas season, we often go out to dinner and a movie. We did so three years in a row when they released LOTR. It was great.

    So, were you able to defend yourself with your itty bitty water gun? :0)

    Anyhoo, all the best with your writing and research. TTFN

  3. That sounds like a wonderful tradition. :) Wish I had been old enough to see LOTR in of my sorrows in life. ;) I just hope Warner Bros will make an extended showing where I live.

    haha I didn't bring it in the end, so I don't know ;) And thanks!


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