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Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love to Laugh and Other Fun Facts About Yours Truly, Alyianna Baggins

1. I love to laugh. No, not the Mary Poppins song, but I do like that song. :P

Yes, I love to laugh. At everything. My dad commented on that just this evening, "She'll laugh at anything....Mount Doom, ha ha ha."

Me? *giggles* "That's funny."

Yes, and as I typed the above, I was laughing to myself.

Today was the first day of the Bible camp, me as one of the volunteers with my good friend That Dude and another guy named Jordan. The last activity was story time, a story about St. Helena. The woman, who was telling the story, was asking the kids lots of questions. Jordan kept whispering answers from the back. And when the woman asked what acts of charity were, Jordan kept whispering, "Socializing!" Me: XD

A little boy heard Jordan...but heard him a little wrong. Little boy: *raises hand* Woman: Yes? Little boy: Socialism!

Jordan: *shakes with laughter*

I was still giggling to myself even after everyone stopped laughing.

Another example...after a joke, when me and everyone else stops laughing, I keep thinking of the joke. And then at random intervals, I'll burst out laughing randomly and everyone looks at me like I'm retarded (not really XD). Me: hehe...ummm...I was just thinking about that joke...

2. I am famous for saying the wrong thing. I can't even count the times where I've said something and then I thought, "DARN! I need that re-send button!" Though, usually, I won't realize what I send until my mom or somebody else says (well, not really says, if you get my meaning...), "ALYIANNA!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!?!?!"

P.S. If I said something wrong in this post, don't hesitate to tell me/correct me. I don't have time to read over this post before bed.

3. Even though I hate fangirling... (Everyone: *cough cough* Me: Err...sometimes...) I LOVE Tay's song SuperStar. I sing along, grinning idiotically for no reason at all the entire song (and during the end of the last song playing, waiting expectantly for the said song to come on).

Time for my box?

Josh: I don't understand this...I'm in and out, in and out of this box. Is Alyianna schizophrenic or something?
Elijah: Get used to it...
Zayn: I'm, like, NEVER out of the box...two of hearts?
Liam: UGH, here you go... Why do I play this game with you??? You always win!!!
Taylor: Alyianna can't wait for my new album coming out Oct. 22! She was, like, totally fangirling when she just heard the news an hour or so ago! If you want to hear all about it, check out the video on my channel of the live chat I had with my fans!!!

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