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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello Again! :)

Well hello again my followers! :) Today is a home day, so I can do a blog post again! Commercial break for the Olympics is on...congrats to American Ally Raisman for winning the floor exercise in artistic gymnastics! And congrats to Gabby Douglas for winning the all-round artistic gymanstics (yes, it's late...but whatevs ;0). I am thinking about doing an artistic gymanstics video if I can find some close-ups on YouTube...any interested people to have me make this?

Friday we went to the science center. It's new...and is really good, but the human body section was very inappropriate. Saturday and Monday we went to the mountains. :)

I'm listening to the iTunes top 10 right now. I don't care too much for #1 Some Nights...LOVE #2 Good Time...don't like #3 Whistle because it's rap...or #4 One More Night...not appropriate and I also just don't like it...#5 is okay...I don't listen to P!nk....#6 is better than most....#7 don't approve of Katy Perry...#8 is a new one to the top, and don't like it...not even going to MENTION #9...#10 is Cher Lloyd...I like T.H.E. C.O.V.E.R. better. I call it T.H.E. C.O.V.E.R. because it is AMAzayn. ;) I usually don't care too much for Tiffany Alvord, but this cover is...WOW. And the video looks like a REAL music video.

I'll stop rambling and show it to you. :D

Anybody checking out my YouTube channel? I have uploaded quite a few videos! :D ?


  1. Yah, like the song! Never heard of Tiffany Alvord before,she's not all that bad. Of couse, I"M STILL STICKING WITH 1D!!

    PS: You do ramble, But I like it when you do. It makes the post longer!


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