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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Away For Awhile

Yes...I've been Away For Awhile. Why? dad is off work this week, so we're all on vacation and going on trips and the like. Then, next week, I'm volunteering at a Bible Camp that my sister is going to at the church near I'll be gone in the mornings.

Because of this, several guest posts will be coming up - one from my good friend Tessy Luke, another from RayChill, and also from Bernabear, Gwen (love the new design by the way, Gwen!), and Arda. This is why you see my friend Arda as an author of this blog at the moment - to get ready for her blog post. The first blog post should come first from Tessy, if her Google stuff works. :)

So what was I up to over the last few days? We've been watching a lot of the Olympics on my dad's iPad. The commericals are usually so annoying - but today there was an iPad commerical and the person was reading THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW and watching TANGLED!!! :O :D

I really like the artistic gymnastics. The American women's team was really good - the Russians were phenomeNIALL on the bars. The swimming is also pretty cool. What I WOULD really like to see is the horse jumping. ;)

Monday we went to the zoo. They have PENGUINS there now. The exhibit was really cool! They have penguins from Chile outside (that I think are kinda ugly) and then an exhibit indoors where it is cool and they have King penguins and a type of penguins that have a small bunch of yellow hairs hanging down from each side of their head.

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment and then we stayed out looking at some cars. One dealership the salesman was really pushy...I thought we were NEVER going to get out of there! Then there was another one where we stayed longer because my parents were actually interested in the cars there (not like the other one). They had replays of the women's artistic gymnastics there and coffee and chocolate milk. So my mom, Mia, and I sat and watched some of the replays and had some drinks while my dad talked to the salesman.

What else? I'M GONNA BUY ROTK EXTENDED WITH AN ITUNES CARD I GOT!!! :D :D :D etc. Then there will be some money left, so I think I'm gonna get two Taylor songs - Invisible and the Tim McGraw radio remix - and then two Hunger Games songs - Come to the Water by Maroon 5 and someone else and Just a Game by Birdy. I don't approve of the Hunger Games, but I have to admit some of the songs are really good and the names are really awesome! I love fantasy names like Eragon and Frodo and Katniss and Eowyn and Pippin and Peeta and Gandalf and Jadis and Puddleglum and Faramir and...

Hmmm...anything else? I got a book from the library that claims that in 30 days (I'm going to take a little more because I don't have time to do all the things they say in one day) I shall have an extended outline that's going to be just as good as a first half. I'm partly impressed, and partly skeptical. I'm doing it with FOTN - and coming up with some new ideas with this. So it MAY be working...

Mia and I FINALLY got the second Mandie movie - Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure! It's really good and even though there are some changes from the books - they are ACTUALLY GOOD changes because they make some of the material from the first book make more sense! I encourage you to get it if you love the Mandie books (as I did as a child...and probably still do :P) because the movie is good and it comes with FOUR PHOTO GALLERIES (each with FOUR HUNDRED photos) and THREE SOUNDTRACK....PIECES???

Here are some of the images (and yes, I have hardly looked through any of them yet because there is SO MANY!): are my grandchild.

Elizabeth: See? I made it.
John: Good...because there's still a long way to go.

Mrs. Snow ;)

I'll put some more pics in another post! :D

After the Mandie movie, we're back to Little House on the Prairie (from now on to be mentioned as LHOP). This TV show is SO good. Almanzo actually isn't played too bad...and the Nellie and Mrs. Oleson parts are so hilarious. I love how Willy is always automatically in the corner. Usually, I would be mad at adding an extra character, who wasn't in the books - but I don't mind the addition of Albert. ;)


  1. NOO!! I shall miss thee!!! Have a good trip!!:)

    Sound liek a cool book! What's it called? OMG!! I totally love the Mandie Book!!! I didn't even know they made them into movies!! Cool! the pics look awesome, but I wonder if they will make em all into movies cause they is like 40 books?

  2. you remind me of me...

    SQUEEEEEEE! I'm a Roman Catholic too! Isn't it awesome when you find out you're not the only Catholic blogger surrounded by Christians?


  3. To Voronda:

    :D thanks...we're just going on little day trips, so it shall just take a few days off my blogging. :)

    It's called First Draft in 30 Days by Karen S. Wiesner. I'm glad I'm not the only one, who loves Mandie! There are actually 3 movies...I've only watched the first two (I found them at a Christian store and I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MANDIE MOVIES!!!). I dunno! What would be really cool would be if they made the Mandie Europe trips into movies! And did you hear that there is a Mandie college days book??? I've read it and it's really good!!!

  4. To Treskie:

    Yes, it is! :D Welcome to my blog! :)

  5. Cool! I gotta look out for them! I know! When she goes to Europe would make really awesome movies!! I've heard of that book but I could never find it. I really hope the Mandie and Joe end up together! :)

  6. Actually, there's like a dozen of the books on Mandie's Europe trip. I've got LOTS of Mandie books. :)

    Yeah, that would be really cool...but the author died and there was only one college days now is the time to make fanfictions! :P

  7. Love this blog site. I am also a Narnian hobbit, and I love to write stories. Time to search for that library book. Never read Mandie, but I think its time to look it up.

  8. Definitely. :) If you do check them out, let me know how you like them. ;)

  9. Hello, I did check out one of the Mandie books, the one about the secret tunnel. I didn't read it all yet, but from what I have read so far, I wish I knew about that series sooner. My younger sister read that book quickly and is now encouraging me to hurry up and finish. I think I should borrow another one for her. :) With school starting soon, I am going to get really busy, so I don't know how many more I will be able to read, but I am sure my sister will enjoy reading any more I borrow.
    I have started a Facebook page, "Prayers for our Catholic Priests," which is dedicated to prayers and support of our Catholic clergy. This might just be a small blog and you haven't posted on here for a few weeks, but I know everyone on here is probably willing to support our priests. Could you promote the page once you get back to posting on here so that I might get a few more people on my Facebook page. Thanks. :)

  10. Hi Kathryn!

    Ah, yes. The Mandie series is very good!

    Of course I will promote your page! Could you perhaps give me a link because I don't have Facebook?

  11. This is the link:
    Thanks so much, and God bless.


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