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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artificial vocal cords

Will artificial vocal cords restore singing voices?

Julie Andrews lost her singing voice after an operation 

When vocal cords are damaged the impact can last a lifetime. It is not like a replacing a violin or restringing a guitar.

It is why researchers are getting excited by the prospect of "artificial vocal cords".

A team of US scientists believe they will be able to test the synthetic tissue, which would be injected into damaged vocal cords, next year.

They said animal tests had shown it was safe.

When the lungs force air our through the vocal cords, the two folds of tissue vibrate to produce noise. If they are damaged, by straining them too hard or through surgery, the body's natural response is to create scar tissue.

This is not as flexible as natural vocal cord tissue, leaving a person sounding hoarse. (...)

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  1. Ooooh that's awesome. As a singer, I know how wretched it must be to lose your voice. (Just having a cold for two weeks makes me depressed because I can't sing)

    Julie Andrews must be thrilled. Can you imagine having a voice like that and LOSING it?


    lol God bless

  2. That pretty cool. I sent this post to my mom, We'll see what she says.


  3. To Treskie: Ugh yeah I hate that! I feel so sorry for Julie!


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