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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Update About Me In Which I Speculate About Pictures For FOTN


Guess what?! Two days ago, I got the Gandalf Arrives LEGO set! :O And it is pretty awesome! :D I'm gonna do a review of it on PME sooner or later.

And not too much is new besides...

- I changed my playlist on the side so go listen to the new songs and tell me which one is your fav! :D
- I have FINALLY gotten back to FOTN...and I should be able to delete part of that prologue that every writing guide says not to include because I used it in a different way in my story...and THAT sentence was a little convoluted, but the general idea is pretty awesome. :D
- Mia and I started watching The Treasure Seekers last night. I read the book a loooooong time ago (like when I was 12 or something), so every time I remember a part I amaze myself. :P
- I made hummus yesterday for the second time ever and it is very yummy. :)
- I FINALLY got my schoolbooks...except I didn't get my Advanced Placement English books which means I may start the course later on which means I may have 2 course in one semester and 4 in another, which could be very problematic....which means that my dad may have to move a course back to my first semester. UGH.
- At the moment, I am wearing a purple pipe cleaner made in a ring shape Mia made me wear...and so I stay wearing it without even really noticing it. :P
- I am listening to the Scribbles playlist right now. "Good Time" is just finishing.

And...that's pretty much it.

Or maybe not.

I made a picture of Marianne and Miranda on a beach before FOTN happens (on Azalea's Dolls), my favourite doll making site...wanna see it? *puppy dog eyes*

I'll show it anyway. :P

Miranda on the left, Marianne on the right.

Hmmm...maybe I should show you some other pics I made???

Rhona in peasant clothes

Rhona as a princess. I'm not sure which one is better because I want Euster Castle to be kind of medieval-style...but I want it to also be kind of Arabia-y for some parts of my story. Would it work if I made Euster Castle medieval-y and the town on the shore (the castle is on an island) be Arabia-y??? But I don't know how some parts of my story will work if...wait. Never mind. (Yeah, I like to blog how the train of my thought goes and keep it here even if it sounds dumb...not so with my writing. I itch to change stuff as I write.)

Marianne (I can show you a picture of a real person, who inspired the look for Marianne...but only if you ask because I want to see if any of you actually have any interest in what I'm blogging about FOTN)

Miranda is my biggest problem. I found several pictures a while ago on Google that COULD work...but there isn't really a single one that IS Miranda...

This one could work...except for the watermark AND the fact that Miranda wears glasses.

This one could be okay...besides the fact that I would prefer Miranda's hair to be curly-ish.

Nah. Very much nah.

This one is probably the best pic for Miranda so far...

This one could work...actually it's better than the first one, but glasses.

Mmmmm...nah. I think.

It works...but doesn't really work. She just doesn't quite fit my thought of Miranda.'s okay, I think.

But I still haven't found a pic for Miranda that I'm like YES! THAT'S THE ONE! THAT'S PERFECT! Not like with I making you all curious? I hope so. ;)

Until next post,
Alyianna :)


  1. Um...I'm not entirely sure what FOTN is, but could you post a pic of Marianne? And what's the doll-making website you use? The "dolls" look cool!

  2. I'm curious to learn what FOTN is as well. Will you be revealing this soon?

  3. I have an answer to this in another post: :)


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