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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alyianna Is Back!!!

Hi all! I'm back! :D's been quite a while since I was here last. Three days without posts, is it not? Wednesday we went to one of my favourite places - a pioneer park. (My favourite things are the pioneer times, fantasy [esp. LOTR...of course ;)], and things [such as accents] from the U.K.) I actually went there for a day camp four summers in a row (ages 9-12).

Thursday and Friday we were in the mountains, farther then we ever have been before. I'll be posting pics as soon as I have them (and the time)!

I was pretty psyched when Taylor Swift said on her YouTube channel that she is having a webcam session on the 15th. The problem is..............I have the camp that morning, and a doctor's appointment, too. :-/ And I am usually not on at the time the session is. :( :( :( .....

I finished reading First Draft in 30 Days. I see the sense in all of this, and I can see how it can help a lot in your writing...but I am totally FED UP with this whole process. I'm not an outlining person, and I already had the main idea of this story decided a year's all there in my brain. I went through all the beginning stuff of the outlining, but at the moment I am refusing to write summaries of all the scenes. The way I want to write...the way that brings the beauty and the magic of writing to to just sit and write whatever comes to me. I can plan the main idea of the story, and I don't know how the middle of my story is going to work besides for some ideas I had (a few of these coming from this outlining process, I have to admit), but that's the way I want it. As I said, I understand this process...but at the moment, I don't want to use least, not the scene-by-scene thing. The author was talking about having to do all the scenes before you write a single word of your story (which doesn't work for me because I already started this book last year so HA!) and I'm....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET ME WRITE THE WAY I WANT TO, WOMAN!!!!

Sorry. I just needed to let off that steam. :P

Anyway, the book has some very good ideas for getting past writer's block...AND I am going to put some songs for FOTN's "soundtrack" in a playlist on my channel, so look out for that! I may put the songs in a post, as well.

And since I'm a little fed up of almost every writing guide I read telling me to NEVER SHOW ANYONE THE BOOK UNTIL I'VE FINISHED AT LEAST THE FIRST DRAFT (which I have already gone against since I started it last year, by the way)...if anybody wants to see my first draft in progress, just let me know. ;)

Also...I need to work on those parts and stop copying LOTR. I'm changing the council where there's all the blah blah blah about LOTR actually happening and that it was in the past. I've already shoved LOTR down my future reader's throats enough...or have I? ;) XD

Fun fact...the character of Rhona may never have come to FOTN if I hadn't had the idea of Ed meeting her from the ONE AND ONLY One Thing by One Direction. ;) want some more pics from the second Mandie movie? :D

Polly's such a wuss...needing to be helped with every little thing. XD No wonder Mandie disliked her after the first book. :P COME ON BRING IN CELIA MOVIE DIRECTOR!!!

Uncle John and Mandie's mother. :D By the way, the way that the movie director changed some things about the Uncle John - Elizabeth - Mandie's dad thing actually made the things from the book work better! :O The best movie "perversion", anyone???

I disliked how the director turned Mr. Locke into Mrs. Snow's husband and deleted all the rest of the people going after Uncle John's fortune in the first movie, but the Mr. and Mrs. Snow actually worked for the second movie. But since it's been awhile since I watched the first movie, it took me awhile to realize who they were until Mandie or somebody else mentioned seeing Mr. and Mrs. Snow. XD

The conductor who gets displeased at pretty much everything and is obsessed with the train being on time to the very second.

A behind-the-scenes pic. Grandmother Taft actually looks pleased to be talking with Uncle Ned? :O haha

Mandie :)

The trailer for the first movie:
Honestly, I don't care for the trailer too much. But the movie is awesome!

Second trailer
This trailer is much better. :)

Third trailer (I haven't seen this movie)
:O WHAT HAPPENED TO MANDIE AND JOE? THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK LIKE MANDIE AND JOE!!!! :(  then D:  then :O ....This is just WRONG. Though the movie does look good...

Ah well...I guess you've had enough excitement from me today. ;) I have cleaning to do and a story to work on. Namare! :) Until next post...


  1. Hurray! Your back! Nice to meet you "Back"....

    Anyway, What your writing sounds COOL! I hope you do get it published! My Dad way trying to write a book, and he was having alot of problems your having!

    Well, lets hope you both make it!
    Keep going!


  2. I'm not an outlining person either! YAY for fellow non-outliner! XD
    ...I probably SHOULD outline though, if only a little bit, since I'm going to be doing nanowrimo. :/
    Refresh my memory: "Mandie" is a book series, no?

  3. Well, I do know of what most of my story is about, so I did KIND OF outline...not really, though. AND I REFUSE TO PLAN OUT MY STORY SCENE-BY-SCENE!!! :P

    Yes, Mandie is a book series. :) I did another post about that, where I said it was a book series. So that must mean you are new to my blog, and that means I must say....WELCOME! *smiles broadly and bows* Alyianna at your service...hopefully you are familiar with that line. :P


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