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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Post in Regards to a Comment

Hello everyone! :) Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night to wherever you are!

I got this comment from Spork and I decided to answer it in a post instead of a comment.

First of all, the doll-making website I use is called Azalea's Dress-Up Dolls. I found it from a fellow blogger (I believe it was Voronda), and I thought it was so cool. The first picture of Marianne and Miranda (the beach pic) was called BFF at the's near the bottom of the page in the Latest Games. The other "doll" pics were from Fantasy Girl (I believe) in the Latest Exclusive Games. Some other creators I use a lot are Heroine Creator (my latest fav), Game of Thrones, Elements Scene, and Tudors...all in the Latest Exclusive Games on the home page.

Now...what FOTN is. Ah...*rubs hand with joy*...FOTN is just my beloved novel, that has been in a very slooooow working condition for a year now. Allow me to go into a bit of detail (sorry to any of you, who know EXACTLY what I'm talking about ;0)... When I started this story, my little sister Mia was reading some of it...and she called it Fellowship of the Necklace. I actually despise the title, but the acronym FOTN has just stuck...for now. So yes...FOTN started out very LOTR-like. But my work now is on 1: extending the first story I had in mind 2: adding more characters and other things I have now in my mind and 3: changing the parts so FOTN is not just so utterly like LOTR to make any fellow fan tear their hair in grief and yell, "You cheat! You copied!"

But the story of FOTN? Well, it is a work-in-progress, but anyone, who is interested in reading it since I deleted my old story blog...HEY. What if I made a blog only available to those of you, who want to read FOTN? Or use Google Docs...? Or Figment?

K ALL...if YOU want to read FOTN, I want you to comment to THIS POST, and tell me which of these options you like best (your comment, of course, is going to tell me that YOU want to read more of FOTN)...if you like more than one, or if you're fine with any, than that's good, too. :)

Your options:
A: a blog available only to those people, who want to read FOTN as I work on it
B: Google Docs
C: Figment (I don't exactly want to use this one because I know most of you don't probably don't have Figment and I also feel hesitation about using this site...I pretty much only have it because a friend invited me...I don't really want to use it)
D: I make an email group that I'll send you updates of FOTN to your email whenever I have them

My favourite option is A...second being B....third D....and fourth C. Which is/are yours? :)

What you'll get:
A: all updates of FOTN
B: a look into a writer's brain and thought process and a look into how a story comes to be (please don't kill me how-to-write-properly people! and ummm...please don't kill me for my incoherent sentences, people-who-will-be-following-the-progress-of-FOTN...I am itching to change them, I assure you!)
C: pictures of all the characters, including the picture of how Marianne would look in real life (since I don't exactly want to post a picture of a real person in public, even if she told me I could use it)
D: perhaps some other stories I am working on, too ;)

Just an important note here - if you only want "in" to get the picture of Marianne, just send me an email. This following of FOTN is ONLY for the people, who really are genuinely interested in Marianne and Miranda and Sam and Joseph and Rhona and Edward and Elianna and Talis' story. And just to let you know, it's more Marianne and Rhona's story because they are the main characters. :)

So please do respond if you are interested! :D


  1. Ooooh I'd love to read it!

    I'd go with optiona A, please. (But since I haven't read any of it... will the whole story be there?

    :) God bless

  2. You make it sound so interesting! I'd love to see a story blog.

  3. Hi Treskie and Spork!

    Thanks a bunch! And yes, Treskie, the whole story will be there. :)

    Ah...the perfect way to spend a rainy and dreary and cold morning...making a new blog! Now maybe I can brush up on those html where did that html book go????? ;)

    - Alyianna

  4. parents aren't a big fan of me giving out my email. So as much as I'd like to see your writing blog (it's AMAZING, I'm sure of it!) I am currently unable to give out the info that will allow me to see it. Sorry. :(

  5. I know exactly what you mean. :) Actually, the email I use is one I made just for my blog, website, etc. The one I use where I use my name Alyianna Baggins. :) So that's quite all right. Do you have perhaps a secondary email address? Of course, I will never use any email address you give me. As soon as I would let you in to the blog, I would delete the email address from any storage thing I have and my memory. ;)

  6. Thank you for the outstanding posts!

  7. Nice work, regards


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