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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Updates and Announcements

1. I just finished re-reviewing The Shadow of the Bear on my blog Alyianna's Reviews. Check it out? ;)

2. Now...I was just thinking last night... A lot of kids...especially teens...don't act in the most appropriate way.  I blame:
A) Public schools and "friend" influence
B) Parents not caring and letting them do whatever they want
C) Media, I said, I was thinking... (Everyone: YES WE HEARD THAT ALREADY ALYIANNA GET TO THE POINT PLEASE! Me: Errr...sorry!) Perhaps I could do a post thingy on songs...every time I do one of these posts, I will do a list of a few songs that are totally appropriate, a few that aren't (I'll probably run out of those soon XD), and one that is okay-ish where I go over the lines that I don't think are the best and WHY I think so. And so now I go on to ask....

ARE ANY OF YOU INTERESTED?!?!?! *Alyianna makes puppy dog pleading face* I may end up doing this post on AR (Alyianna's Reviews), but we shall see....

3. Right now, I'm listening to my iPod "playlist" of single songs. They are:
1. My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson) - Don't listen to this one much. I just have it there for when I want it. XD
2. Amazing (Matt Cardle) - This song is amaZAYN...or fabuLOUIS....or extraordinHARRY...or phenomiNIALL...or...can't remember Liam's...? Err...amazing. Sorry. ;) My sister is watching me do this post and she's trying to cut my throat with a comb now...
3. (I survived to write more.) The Time (Black Eyed Peas) - I don't even know why I have this song on here. Actually, I think I'm gonna take it off after I do this post. Except that I'm too lazy to click that 'delete' button and re-number all my songs....
4. Slow Your Breath Down (Future of Forestry) - Another one I don't listen to much.
5. Stop and Stare (One Republic) - Same as above.
6. My Immortal (Evanescene) - We play this song a LOT on my mom's 13-song YouTube I never listen to this one anymore...
7. Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) - #) That's all I'm gonna say. #)
8. Torn (Natalie I.) - Got this one should already know. ;)
9. The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script) - One of my favourites.
10. The A Team (Ed Sheeran) - Love this one, too.
11. Take A Look Through My Eyes (Phil Collins) - Same as #7. This has been a favourite for so long. I absolutely love Phil Collins' Disney songs.
12. Nothing (The Script) - The one I'm listening to now.
13. Call Me Maybe (The one and only) - WHY DOES THIS SONG HAVE TO BE SO CATCHY???? Yesterday....CALL ME MAYBE WAS ON REPLAY, IT WAS ON REPLAY. Sorry...that line is too hard to NOT use in all cases...

4. I really need to get to reading The Grapes of Wrath - the second book in my little pile of books to read over the summer for AP English. Yeah, I can read every minute of the day when I want to...but when I'm told I have to read something, I get all prejudiced against the books and then I STINK at reading. >.<

5. Did you hear that there's a possibility of a third Hobbit movie? Check out PME for more details!

6. It probably sounds crazy, but I am working on FOUR WIP (works-in-progress) right now. One - FOTN. Two - a book of short stories for kids. Three - a collab. Four - a BTT fan fiction. In reality, it's actually the last two I'm working on. Now is your cue to ask why I'm wasting my time on a very random blog post when I could be writing, my dear blog followers. And MY answer shall be - I just feel like it. I need a shirt that says I'D RATHER BE WASTING MY TIME or something like that...

7. Please check out my YouTube channel? I've got about 10 trolls, who are disliking my vids as soon as I upload them and for some reason I lost 2 subscribers...I COULD REALLY USE SOME HELP OVER THERE! I've got a LOTR and a Narnia music video (and the only comment on that one is a mean one...I already deleted the comments on both videos with bad language from the trolls, don't worry - YES THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS!!!)

8. OH! I've never shown you MY BOX!!!! Just to warn you, there will be a lot of noise from some indignant dolls when I bring it in... You're okay with that? Okay, here goes....

Edmund aka Skandar Keynes *muffled voice from bottom of box*: HEY! OUCH! YOU'RE STEPPING ON MY HEAD!
Lucy aka Georgie *also muffled voice*: Alyianna hasn't brought us out for so long...
Josh H. *sitting on chair next to me*: Ah, fresh air. #D
Harry Styles: At least I'm 3/4 out of the box!!!
Zayn: I know how you feel, Edmund. you have a two of hearts?
Elijah: Go fish. Do you have a three of diamonds?
Taylor Swift *also sitting on chair next to me - smug voice* - Well, I'm almost ALWAYS out of the box. Whenever Alyianna doesn't have anything else to listen to, I'm here for her - and she takes her chance!
Enya - Maybe this would be a good time to practice singing doesn't look like I'm coming out any time soon...
Leslie - I hope the Dark Master isn't causing too much trouble in Terabithia...
Josh - Hey, do you have a lemonade down there, Skandar?
Skandar - I did...but I drank it.
Zayn: I WON!!!
Elijah: Darn. :( I suck at cards.
Zayn: Wanna play, Lou?
Zayn: You're always too loud, Lou. How 'bout you, Liam?
Liam *sighing* Fine. But only because you're my friend. you may have found a lot of that confusing... But there you go, anyway!


  1. Awesome post! I would love if you could show some more songs hat you love but are clean. :) I can't find enough of those!

  2. Yes, I'm interested, loved the list of all your songs, and I understood the "MY BOX" thing.

    Does that cover it?


  3. To Helen and RayChill: Sure thing! I'll get to making one of those posts as soon as I can! :)

    haha YAY! I was wondering if anybody would bet the Box.

    And yes, I think it about covers it. ;)


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