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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update on Me AND One Direction Post 10

Well hello there! Long time no talk, Scribbles fans! :)

The reason why I haven't been on for two days is because:
On Sunday: We went to this indoor park place after church, and, by the time we got home, it was too late to upload all the blogging stuff.
Then on Monday (yesterday): We went to this kind of Western-style fair that comes to the place we live only once in a year (well, it's there for a week or so...I can't remember how long, but since we only go once, it's pretty much once a year).

I hope to get you some pictures of the latter...especially the one of when Mia and I got to hold a baby chick in our hands!!! :O It was sooo cute and fluffy!

I do want to upload the Hobbit news to PME (which has completely flooded my email box, even though it's only been two days) and do a review on Alyianna's Reviews, so I'll be brief. :)

The work on "The Man Who Couldn't Be Moved" is doing okay, I think. I haven't worked on it too much over the past two days because we were in the car. I read a few chapters of The Great Gatsby for AP (Advanced Placement) English...I don't care too much for it yet. I did a lot of writing exercises, including some free writing. So far, the free writing has not introduced me to new horizons as the writing book seemed to think it would, but maybe that's because I had already thought of something to write before I sat down and did it. And don't tell me not to do that because it's hard with an imaginative and busy mind! :D

Sunday morning, Mia started playing the Disney Channel playlist CD she got from the library. It was A.W.F.U.L. The only song that was really any good was Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas' song "This Is Me" from Camp Rock.

Yeah, yeah...I HATE Disney Channel...but I really like a few songs from Camp Rock.

"WHAT? WHAT? I knit sweaters, yo!"
- Taylor Swift, "Thug Story" with T-Pain

Yeah, my reaction. :P

This is one of my favourites. Actually, I discovered this song by hearing a Polish cover of it when I was searching for Polish things for my Special Projects.

But what really disappoints me about this song is that Joe just stands up and turns away as Demi comes by...and then they sing at each other across the yard and then just go in. I don't know what I was expecting...just perhaps something a little more? I dunno.

If your name is Raychill, continue on to the the next part of this post. If not, I would still be happy if you stuck around! :)

If you can tell who is who before clicking the play button on this video, I love you! :D

I really liked the song was a very fun song, I think. :)

The results...will (err...would...sorry, I keep forgetting that I'm talking in past tense, not present) One Direction go on to the semi finals?

I absolutely LOVE the boy's reaction to getting through. Even though I knew they would, it was SO suspenseful! I was actually getting a bit of wet eye there. AND I've never heard Wagner sing...but wow! He is was so polite and nice about losing!!!

And for some reason there was a second song that week, so:

Love the high notes from Harry...the Simon VS. Louis...everything. :D

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