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Friday, July 6, 2012

Starting Anew

You know what? I'm scrapping my story. Totally and completely. I'll keep it for future reference so I can look back at it years from now and laugh at myself because it's laughable that I would write a story on something I don't even know about. It was written weakly, anyhow.

I'm starting anew. And I love the feel of it. There's a story idea waiting out there for me to snatch it up and love it to pieces.

And who knows?

Maybe it will be the story I'll publish.

It almost feels like starting a new life.


  1. Good Luck on yur future stories! I just have a question? Will the movie be in 3D?? :)

  2. OH! haha thank you that made my day! I didn't get that for a moment. I was thinking, "What movie? The Hobbit?" (Yes, one-track mind.) And then I got it.

    THANK YOU! And I'll think about it. ;) Once I see The Hobbit in 3D, I'll decide if I like it better in 3D or not because the only movie I saw in 3D was Toy Story 3 and it actually wasn't 3D...only the commercials! :O


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