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Saturday, July 7, 2012

RANDOMNESS ABOUNDS! (And Happy Belated B-day to Scribbles!)

My sister and I just started watching Samantha: An American Girl Holiday last night. It's pretty good, but I have one complaint.

Tell me - does this woman in the middle look ANYTHING like a grandmother to you?!?!?! She could be Samantha's aunt!!!! Even the old servant looks more like a grandmother than she does! Actually, I thought that servant WAS the grandmother until she started scolding Samantha for the holes in her stockings, saying, "What will your grandmother say?!"

But I do have to admit that Anna Sophia-Rob makes a pretty good Samantha.

So...since this is a random post, I need to get onto other subjects. Hmmm...

Oh! Remember how I told you all yesterday that I scrapped my short story? Well, I came up with a new idea! Why not make a collection of short stories for Catholic children? So I started on one story, and so far it is Mia-approved, so I think I'm on the right track. :)

The first story that I'm working on...I came up with the idea for it from The Script's "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" which I've been listening to on REPEAT and REPEAT all day for the last few days (unless it's The Script's "Nothing". I do agree with Niall Horan - I LOVE how each of their songs tell a story!) Then I turned the story around quite a bit. The man isn't a young man, but getting closer to the elderly stage. And he isn't there waiting for a lover...but something quite different. HE IS STAYING THERE UNTIL EVERYONE IN THE SMALL TOWN OF MARYSVILLE GOES TO MASS.

Now what do you think of that?!

Now for some awesomely funny pics. :D

So me after finishing all the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew episodes we can find that you can ACTUALLY WATCH BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT PIXELATED! (Why the heck would you post something pixelated on YouTube, anyway?!?! It's not like I'm going to enjoy watching something like that. In fact, I'll probably dislike it and (when I'm allowed to post comments) try to find a polite way to ask WHY DID YOU POST THIS ON HERE?! Okay, that was certainly off topic. =P)

He he...yeah. Except mine are the computer and my headphones. Which isn't so bad because all my school is on the computer, and the headphones ARE needed for my Bio vids. (LONG LIVE the Bio vids that helped me understand a whole unit in five minutes!!!)

I'm not in a habit of drinking water from water fountains...but I absolutely  HATE IT WHEN MY BOTTLE WATER IS WARM WHEN I'M HOT AND THE REASON I'M DRINKING IS BECAUSE I WANT TO COOL DOWN!



Now that that's done...I just finished the first of my new library books - Taylor Swift: Secrets of a Songwriter. It was really interesting (at least for me, being a Tay fan). The one thing was - there was a quiz at the back with 25 questions to test your knowledge of Taylor. There were really hard questions, like what she likes to dip her fries into (answer was (highlight) chocolate shake). So I got seven right. XD And then you know how there's a thing at the end to see how well you did (for example, if you get this many right you're blah, and this many right, you're blah) wasn't even on the list. XD So that was a little...disconcerting.

Just to make you laugh a little more, I had to the word disconcerting to make sure I was using it right. :P And when I was there I saw that...guess what July's name was before it was July? Quintilis! :O

My sister and I like watching Messy Mondays and Annoying Orange. Our favourite character in Marshmallow. He's so cute! And I WANT TO SNEEZE GLITTER!

Mia and I finished watching all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys TV episodes on YouTube that aren't pixelated. *sigh* That TV show is so good! Why can't they have TV shows like this instead of all that Disney channel...err...garbage? Or replay this show?

My favourite episode is The Hollywood Phantom. Ever since I saw an episode with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys together (most of the episodes are ones with them solving their own cases, not together). I am a TOTAL Nancy and Frank shipper. Pamela Sue Martin was the PERFECT Nancy Drew...and...well, I'll let the pic of Parker Stenvenson speak for itself. ;)

And not to mention that Sean Cassidy makes the funniest Joe. :D

I was looking through the books I've read towards my goal of 40 books this year, and I realized that most of them are Edge Chronicles books.

I absolutely LOVE the Edge Chronicles. They are SO good. They are children's books, but they go on my list of top series. The plots are interesting and fast-paced. The characters are ones  that you grow to love. And the pictures by Chris Riddell are AMAZING. I would recommend these books to ANYONE. Especially if you like fantasy. ;) Even Mia likes them!!! :O

SCRIBBLES is a little over a year old.

It's amazing to see how far my little blog has come. I have grown a lot over the past year...and (hopefully) I have matured some. I have made some very good friends among my followers - and I have TWENTY-SIX of them! Really, it is you guys, who have kept me blogging. Your comments made me realize that I wasn't just blogging about my stupid little fantasies and things I liked for myself. People are actually enjoying my posts! :O

Just look at these stats of the history of this blog!!!

I have 785 pages of comments, and each page has about 50 comments on it. That makes THIRTY-NINE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY COMMENTS.


Here's to another great year - we'll see what surprises it holds for us! :D


  1. Congrats on an awesome year!! Fun post. :)

  2. Well, that shows there's hope for my blog :)


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