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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One Direction - Post 9

Week 7 (I'm guessing this is Week 7...and I know I put the video diaries of the week in the last post, but...well, that was the way I watched them, so...) It was Beatle's week for 1D with "All You Need Is Love."


And the other vids:

1. Your Questions Answered - With One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Wagner, Mary & Rebecca

1:36 - what's the joke there? I'm honestly telling you, YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW.


Niall: Justin Bieber has a concert tonight and personally I'm a big fan of his and...uhh...what was I going to say?
Louis: You can't make a mistake while I'm pouring salt in my hat!

Louis: *takes off hat and salt pours out*
Zayn: I think you've got a serious dandruff problem there.

3: QUICKFIRE! But unfortunately, this is the last episode. *SOBS*


  1. wow, another great post!
    I drew the picture of One Direction you said about. I'd put it on right now but the scanner on my copier isn't working!! Of All DAYS!!!!

    Let me tell yah, It weren't easy!!


  2. I'm glad you're enjoying them! :)

    GAH! Stupid scanner...


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