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Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Direction - Post 7

Simon literally had one act left - One Direction - so he was putting all his effort into picking the perfect song for them. 1D's fifth live performance on the X Factor was of the song Kids in America.

Just a few notes - you may or may not want to skip the intro part because it has two points where one of the band has no shirt.

Love Simon's (errr, I mean Uncle Simon's :D) little speech thingy at the end: "And then Louis the thundercloud comes along, dribbling on everything..." XD


1. Want to see what One Direction's bedrooms in the X Factor house looked like? Then here is your video! (I would skip the beginning - particularly 0:09 to 0:12 because it shows Niall's top half without clothes on because he didn't realize they were filming and they woke him up or something like that. Though why the heck do such people leave that part in...? It's NOT FUNNY IF THEY THINK IT IS!!! And now I shall stop otherwise I shall go on a whole ramble of how evil our world is nowadays...)

2. I don't think too much of this song, but it's really cool to see the final 10 contestants sing a song together. All of these faces have become somewhat like old friends...though I still favour 1D and Matt. :)

3. Video diary week 6:

First of all, I love the thing with the hoods. Then which band mate you'd like to be for a to love the expression on Louis' face when Harry says he'd like to be Zayn. And then you can see some of the bromances there...Louis wantint to be Harry, Liam wanting to be Niall... ;)

4: QUICKFIRE!!! Love this game SOOO much!

Please tell me you love it, too? 'Cause I just think this is the most hilarious thing ever made or seen on earth. #)

And last of all...

5: Megamind:

What did you have for many of each? Now, I wonder why Louis asked Niall that... XD

Tune in soon for more One Direction awesomeness! :D And if you feel like commenting...which of these was your fav. vid?

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