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Friday, July 20, 2012

One Direction - Post 14 - THE SINGLES

Even though One Direction didn't win X Factor, Simon still gave them a...a....oh, man, I'm ruining this post by not remembering the phrase XD....a...RECORD LABEL! ;)

One Direction - A Year In the Making Part 1
Most of this is excerpts from live performances and such, but there is some new stuff, so you might like to watch? ;)

Did anybody else notice Niall and Lou biting their fingernails at the same time when the boys were being called on stage again after being told they couldn't get through at Bootcamp? XD
7:49 LOVE this part when Harry runs to hug Simon to thank him for letting them get through!!!

And now for the...
(Next post will be new 1D music that you haven't heard yet, don't worry, Raychill.)

The first single, and the first song on 1D's album "Up All Night" is What Makes You Beautiful (WMYB):

I can still remember watching this video for the very first time - not knowing any of the boy's names, and so forth. I kept mixing Liam and Harry up because of Liam's hair - which I remembered as being straight. I told myself, "That's Harry!" when looking at Liam with his poodle hair. Then... "Wait..that's Harry! Then who's this other guy with curly-ish hair?" Wow. So much has happened since then.

I love throwing stones into water! :D hehe
Notice that LOU is driving. Liam can' least, the last time I heard. :P
EEK! Love the little flip of the hair from Hazza (Harry)!
Wouldn't it have been cool if that girl's hat had blown off and went all the way up into one of our boys' hand? :P

The second single is Gotta Be You. I absolutely LOVE the scenery in this vid.

The third, and last, single (and my favourite of the three) is One Thing. I've already made a lot of comments about this one before in another post. One thing...oops haha...about this song that's really funny is the title. If anybody says the phrase "one thing" I literally jump and then I think, "Oh, wait...not the song..." XD It's really funny.

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  1. Thanks AL,

    I know what you mean by Junping when some one says "ONE THING." I doi that same thing!!

    That drives me nuts!!
    Keep posting! I can't wait!


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