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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Direction Post 13 - Other Videos Around the Finals

The X Factor Christmas Dinner
Liam's reaction to the pig-in-a-blanket is funny. ;)

Mr. and Miss(es) - Louis vs. Rebecca

Personal Mystery Shopper
Louis = hilarious
Niall tries but can't get that good. ;)

Style Like Niall
I love how Niall gives us a little sample of him singing. ;)
And I LOVE it when there's a little part at the end of them singing at the end of each style video.

Learn to sing fast! (with 1D, Aiden, & Belle Amie)
Note: Belle Amie was the girl group that Simon formed when he formed One didn't get very far.
As an aspiring singer, I have to say that I...LOVE THIS VIDEO! ;)
Actually, after hearing Liam sing, I've started trying to use that Enrique Creek thingy myself...BEFORE watching the video.

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