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Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Direction Post 12 - The X Factor FINALS

One Direction Fashion Tips! :O

The last X Factor video diary *sobs*

One Direction, Rebecca, and Cher sing the X Factor theme
Louis. Loud. :P

The finalists (One Direction, Rebecca, Cher, and Matt) confirm their duets

And now...for the performance...DUN DUN DUN DUN....(And don't ask me why I put that last part in because I don't rightly know)
When Harry told his mom he loved her and gave her a kiss....THAT WAS SO SWEET! SO SWEET! #D
And when they went to Liam's hometown and all the girls are screaming...and then Simon steps out of the car, not any of 1D. XD

One Direction sing with Robbie Williams:
SIMON HAS A PUPPY! Err...okay, back on to the subject. I honestly don't think too much of Robbie...I like my boys better. ;) But that look on Niall's face after Robbie lifted him up was PRICELESS. XD

One Direction sing Torn once again (I'm getting teary-eyed now as we get close to the results): Liam begins singing that now all-well-known song for us directioners...shivers down my spine...

And...the results. may want to be prepared and have a box of tissues nearby... XD

That was a lot of videos in this I'm going to do the rest for after the final in another. But I want to leave you with One Direction's X Factor SINGLE - Forever Young. (Does this ring a bell? Remember Zayn's answer to the question of what super power he'd like to have? He wanted to STAY YOUNG FOREVER.)

Just a note - not all the lyrics are correct, but I chose this video because of the pictures. ALSO, this was going to be One Direction's single that they would release if they won. However, the song leaked out (lucky for us!!! :D)


  1. Awesome as always. Thanks. I recall hereing "Forever young" once before.didn't care for it then. But I like it much better the secong time.i think its because I had the words infront of me!!

  2. Oh.. and did you notice that they are constantly feeling Harry's hair? In a bunch of these videos (Not nessecerly on this post) they have this need to touch his hair?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  3. Maybe!!! :D I like Forever Young. :)

    The hair...the hair! :O Do they have a need to touch his hair? I dunno...but I know I'd like to. ;) Ever since Frodo, I've had an...err...minor obsession of curly hair. :P


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