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Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Direction Post 11

I'm going to put more material into this post because...

A. It was a while between my last two 1D posts.
B. Because Raychill is probably itching to get to hear more of 1D's original songs. At least...I know I would be. ;P

Harry gets a haircut!!! (Yeah, I know I usually start with a live performance vid. I'm completely mixed I'm going to start with how this videos should be, since the live performance was at the end of the week. least I assumed it was.)

I love how Louis is there in the back waiting for Harry. ;) And isn't it amazing that Louis is actually BEING QUIET AND KEEPING STILL! :O

Zayn Gets Fruity
Skip 2:05 to the end.

Savan's awesome One Direction song. Is there a problem that I know it well enough to sing along with it? :P

Niall's music lesson :D
Me: "An' if I had a choice...yeah, I would...Err, okay. I'll stop." ;D

Mr. and Miss(es) - Zayn vs. Matt
Not going to comment on the part about Katy Perry...but I can't believe how Matt got EVERY SINGLE one wrong and Zayn got EVERY SINGLE one right! :O And I loved how Matt said "stuuuupid" because that's exactly how I like to say it! :P

Video diary week 9:
Skip 2:50 to 3:17.

AND NOW TIME FOR THE SEMI-FINAL PERFORMANCES!!! :O Will the boys get through? (Sorry, I REFUSE to talk in past tense... XD)

One Direction sing "Only Girl in the World"
I don't really care for this song choice.

But I DO love this song choice because it's a cover of one of my favourite songs.

One Direction sing "Chasing Cars":
My one comment is...DOES LOUIS HAVE TO SAY EVERY WEEK THAT THEY'RE THE NEXT BIG BOY BAND? I mean...I definitely agree....but can't he say anything different? Sheesh...

Next post...the finals.  DUN DUN DUN DUN....


  1. looks good!! I liked Hairs hair cut!!
    Tell to get real one I so I can draw him better!!!



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