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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finland's unlikely love affair with the tango

22 July 2012

Finland's unlikely love affair with the tango

By Mark Bosworth
BBC World Service

Tango originated in the working class districts of Buenos Aires in the late 19yh Century, but it has also conquered what is usually a rather sleepy town in the Arctic north of Finland.

As far as the eye can see, couples dance the tango on the tree-lined street beneath a brilliant cobalt blue sky. It is 02:00 in the morning and the sun has barely dipped below the horizon - and it will soon rise again.

The sound of the accordion fills the warm summer air and the orchestra starts up - the drums, then the violins. The singer bursts into a song called Satumaa, or Fairytale Land.

Finland's most popular and most frequently performed tango song describes a faraway idyllic land where people live happily. But in this sad tune, the land can only be reached through music. (...)

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