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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dozens of Caravaggio sketches 'discovered'

6 July 2012

 None of Caravaggio's earliest works was 
thought to have survived

Two Italian art historians say they believe they have uncovered dozens of sketches and paintings attributable to the Renaissance master Caravaggio.

The works are believed to date from Caravaggio's time as a student in Milan, Italian media reports.

They were previously ascribed to the archive of painter Simone Peterzano, with whom he studied from aged 11.

But some experts have urged caution over the discovery, saying further verification is needed.

"I will wait to consult the complete research, but the drawings I've seen so far do not seem to me attributable to Caravaggio," said Francesca Cappelletti, author of a book on the artist's works.

Claudio Strinati, a prominent expert in 16th Century art, added that the claims were "completely absurd". (...)

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