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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Climbing death toll sparks debate on Alps tourism

16 July 2012

Climbing death toll sparks debate on Alps tourism

By Imogen Foulkes
BBC News, Geneva

The Lagginhorn claimed the lives of five German climbers in June

It's been a tragic start to the climbing season in the Alps.

At the start of June, five German climbers were killed as they were beginning their descent of the Lagginhorn in southern Switzerland.

The sixth member of their group, who had paused just below the summit, had to watch as the other five, among them his 20-year-old son and his 14-year-old daughter, fell to their deaths.

Last week in Chamonix, nine climbers died in a sudden avalanche which injured 12 more. A total of 28 people were caught up in the snow slide.

No-one is suggesting that those climbers, who were highly experienced, and many of whom had climbed Mont Blanc before, were not well-equipped, or that they had ignored weather conditions. (...)

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