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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Up With Me

You can thank Nessima for this post. Why? Because she just recently did a post that was so good, I couldn't resist doing one like it! I hate studying for finals. Especially when the three things I'm studying for are Bio, which has lots of terms to memorize, Math, which is hard and I HATE, and Social, which is just plain stupid. I wish I had English this semester. :( year....I get English all year round because I have English 30 the first semester, and Advanced Placement English the next semester!!!! :D :D :D

Then I have my newest story idea. ;) Don't worry, FOTN is still there...somewhere...waiting for a new spark of energy for me to start writing on it again. But now I've got this....and a treat for any of you, who like reading my writing. It is this: If you have Google (gmail, etc.), let me know on Blogger that you want to see my stories, and I will share them with you on Google Docs!

Books I've Been Reading:
- Not that I have much time to read...but I've been reading this handbook on writing fantasy and science fiction. I hardly ever read nonfiction.
- My textbooks
- And in April and May, I read The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict and the Edge books.

Music I've Been Listening To:
- a few songs of Adele. I liker her music because it challenges my voice. ;)
- Clannad
- Then several other random songs like: Life Is Beautiful       Come Home       Eyes Open       Viva La Vida

TV shows and YouTube videos I've been watching:
- The videos. ;)
- Blimey Cow (Messy Mondays) and Annoying Orange
- random One Direction videos
- AND the best TV show in the world - the 1997 Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew!!! I can't decide which of three episodes is best... "The Hollywood Phantom", "Arson and Old Lace", or "Sole Survivor". And Frank is my favourite. ;)

Things I love and/or can't wait for:
- summer
- my graduation (I am especially eager for this after my latest math elive)
- time to write...and read...and generally relax
- the Bible camp that I am volunteering for and Mia will be attending
- The Hobbit
- my music

Any other thoughts:
- I love posting random stuff on Google +.
- I love editing other people's fanfiction.
- I can't wait for the end of school.
- Have you listened to my music playlist on the sidebar?
- SCHOOL. @_@

Memes I love:

Fine, fine..I'll go do school.


  1. I love the picks you put on this post!! KEEP THEM COMING!!!!


  2. Wow! Thank you for just making my day! :D

  3. BTW, do you mind if I link up to this and copy you and Nessima?

  4. Ah yes. School! I Cant wait till summer and The Hobbit!! And ROTFL!! Lunch Break!! :)

    I miss reading your posts! Hopefully I'll be less busy soon!

  5. LOL great memes! I hope your finals go well and get over soon!

  6. Love the post, Alyianna!
    I definitely can't wait for The Hobbit *cue fangirl scream*
    And the Narnia-where-are-you thing made me day :)

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

  7. haha WOW! Six comments on one post! I must be getting really good at blogging. ;)

    To RayChill: Thanks, I plan on doing so. ;)

    To Helen: Glad I made your day. :D Nessima made mine with her post. ;) And sure thing, spread the goodness along! I'll try to find a moment to go check your blog and see your post. :)

    To Voronda: haha yeah lunch break is definitely on my mind a lot these days!

    To Arda: Thanks! :)

    To Nessima: You're welcome. :) And thanks. :) haha


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