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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Unfathomable Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity

Ishmael Fischer Ahab

The image, a painting by Botticelli, depicts the legendary meeting of St. Augustine with a boy along the seashore.

One day as Saint Augustine was walking along the sea shore and reflecting on nature of the Holy Trinity, he suddenly saw a little child all alone on the shore. The child made a hole in the sand, ran to the sea with a little cup, filled her cup, came and poured it into the hole she had made in the sand. Back and forth she went to the sea, filled her cup and came and poured it into the hole. Augustine went up to her and said, “Little child, what are you doing?” and she replied, “I am trying to empty the sea into this hole.” “How do you think,” Augustine asked her, “that you can empty this immense sea into this tiny hole and with this tiny cup?” To which she replied, ” And you, how do you suppose that with this your small head you can comprehend the immensity of God?” With that the child disappeared.

This story has garnered many depictions in art.  These are just a few.

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