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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tea With St. Anne - Angel Face Sandwiches

I just recently discovered this really neat blog called Crafolic (RayChill, tell your mom that I totally agree that her blog is cool with a CAPITAL C!). I decided to try this out because it sounds like fun! :)

The Rules:
  • Please add posts about Catholic decor, crafts and activities we can do with our kids, home-school ideas, organization ideas, or any other post that can help Catholic families in our every day life.
  • Link to me on your blog/post so others can come and join in too! You may use one of my buttons if you like, or just make a text link of your own.

Angel Face Sandwiches

1. First of all, decide what colour of skin your angel is going to have (e.g. butter would make white skin, strawberry cream cheese would make pale pink skin, and peanut butter [my favourite!] would make dark skin). Spread your choice...err, spread!...onto a slice of bread. From another slice of bread, cut out wing shapes (they can be just triangles), and spread butter or marshmallow fluff (though I honestly think this would be too sweet for me) onto them.
2. Now for the fun part! Decorate the main slice of bread with nuts, dried fruits, and cereal items such as cherios to make a face.
3. Add the two wings on either side of the bread (this is the part that I haven't made before, but as I said, it should work).

Here are a few pictures of some normal faces that my sister and I have made in the past to give you an idea of what these sandwiches would look like.

made by my Mia (age eight) - peanut butter spread

I made this one for my dad.

another one made by my sister (strawberry cream cheese spread)

If you decide to make one of these, I'd love to see pictures! :D


  1. They look good!!!!! I'd love to try one as soon as I get the chance!

    PS: Thanks for posting on my blog!!


  2. Awesome! :) If you get a pic, you know who to send it to. ;)

    P.S. Any time! :)

  3. Thanks for linking-up, Alyianna! These are sooo cute! They look like lots of fun!! And I'm sure RayChill will be trying this!! I'm sure we all will enjoy them!! God Bless!

    BTW: I LOVE LOTR!!! ;-) Have you seen "The Hidden Meaning of The Lord of the Rings" Theology Course you can buy from I haven't but it looks good!!

  4. Thanks very much!

    No, I haven't seen that course. But it sounds very intriguing. I may just forward the info on to my dad. ;)


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