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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh Dear...

Here comes the 11th tag my way again. :) Haha, I'm grateful and I love doing it...but it also takes such a long time to answer all the questions, etc.!

This time I was tagged by Charity U of Austenitis and Nessima Tavariel of Arda Nessimava.

And yes, this was another of these posts, where I started a loooong time ago and I now finally have the chance to finish it.

11 Random Things About Me:
1. The most played songs on my iTunes are Eyes Open (111x), Serenata (99x), Same Mistakes (51x), What Makes You Beautiful (50x), One Thing (45x), and Safe and Sound (37x).
2. I have lots of songs on my iPod that I haven't even listened to yet since putting them on.
3. I hardly ever wear long sleeved shirts. Today is one of those very few days.
4. My favourite character in Annoying Orange is Marshmallow. I LOVE RAINBOWS! AND PUPPIES, AND KITTENS, AND FLUFFY THINGS...
5. I am excited for The Hobbit, but I am also getting annoyed by the things that I have heard that P.J. is changing from the book. I'm going to put my complaints in white text that you'll have to select since they are all spoilers (or pretty much all). Tauriel, an elf maiden, is head of the Elven guard?!?! And there's going to be romance between her and Kili?!?! And Dain is going to have a mowak and skull-and-crossbone tattoos and is going to ride into battle on a wild pig?!?! And that scene from the trailer with Gandalf and Galadriel standing together in Rivendell was just plain wrong.
6. A friend of mine from Google +, Natalie, and I are going to be writing a One Direction fan fiction. ;) Anyone interested in reading that?
7. I am planning on reading some books for my Advanced English course this summer. Two of these books are Wuthering Heights and Crime and Punishment.
8. The courses I'm taking next year are Bio 30, Chem 30, Math 30-1 (unless I can persuade my dad in letting me take a lower level of Math), English 30, AP (Advanced Placement) English, and SS 30. OUCH.
9. Tomorrow I have a SS final exam, the next day Bio, and Friday is Math. I am really stressing out (as I do before and/or during every single test - whether it be a unit test or a little quiz).
10. I can't wait to be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE from school...I'm going to start learning the piano, I can work on my music videos, my sister and I are going to cook and try to learn to knit and it's going to be AWESOME!!! (Oh, and I get to REEEEAAAAADDD!!!)
11. I hardly ever wear pants...almost always skirts.

11 questions from Charity U:

1. What’s your favorite breakfast food? Cereal. :)
2. What’s your favorite book by Jane Austen? I haven't read any...yet. :O I plan to doing so this summer.
3. What’s your favorite period drama? I don't think I have watched any...
4. What’s your favorite book by a more modern author? Trespasses Against Us by Christian M. Frank
5. What’s your favorite kind of chip? Sour cream and onion...or plain, unsalted. (The latter are SOOO good!)
6. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? Dairy Queen.
7. What’s your favorite classic book not by Jane Austen? Does The Lord of the Rings count? :P
8. What’s your favorite Jane Austen film adaption? I haven't watched any...sorry. :P
9. What’s your favorite movie soundtrack? Either the incomplete FOTR or the complete ROTK.
10. What’s your favorite place to read? Sitting on my bed...or on our soft leather couch.
11. What’s your favorite thing to blog about? LOTR. (What else? :P) I also like to tell all of you about me...and show off my writing!

11 questions from Nessima:

1) What is your earliest memory from your childhood? It would probably have to be when my mom and I went to see what our old house was like (it was still in the process of being built). It was winter, and there was this awesome hill behind the playground which was one door down from our house. I went sledding on their for the first time, and I met my friend Mikeala there. :) 
2) You have a choice of being given any super-power; what is it? TIME TRAVEL!!! And maybe to be able to travel to fantasy lands, too. ;)
3) Describe to me that outfit in your head, the one you wish you had so badly... I don't really have one... XD I know, that seems so weird, right? I'm a girl and I don't think that much for clothes.
4) What's your favorite musical instrument?  What image comes to mind when you think of this instrument? A piano...or a violin.
5) Would you rather be divinely beautiful, angelically good, or dazzingly clever? haha hello again Anne. ;) I would want to be angelically good. :)
6) Are you more likely to be found in an old attic with your nose in a book, or will you be hanging out at the mall with your besties? The old attic with my nose in a book. #) I would love to do that! :)
7) If you could've been born in any time period (other than your own), what would it be? Pioneer probably late 19th century.
8) Is your preferred weapon a bow and a quiver of arrows, or a magnificently wrought sword (you're allowed to be all clever and say "wit")? Wit? Sorry, I don't get that one. I guess I'm not all clever. :P I used to say sword, but I think I'd now go for the bow and arrows because you don't have to get as close to enemies. :P
9) Your preferred mode of travel?  Does horse-back riding count? I've never done it, but I want to. :)
10) You hear about a new historical or fantasy movie that is coming out soon. You are:
a) Ecstatic: you're favorite dream-boat of an actor is in it!
b) Super-stoked: the book that it's based on is amazing!  <<<< Mostly this. :)
c) Excited to see the costumes, of course!
d) Your favorite composer is doing the soundtrack.  Need I say more?
e) Going just to see the horses which will undoubtedly be gorgeous.
f) Not going at all; there's a new sci-fi thriller out that begs to watched
11) Of all the places in this world, the place you love most is....?
BONUS QUESTION (purely optional):  You have been tossed into a book; describe to me the adventure that follows this interesting turn of events... Oooooh...thanks for the question. :)

Okay, I am reading The Lord of the Rings, when suddenly, I feel myself being pulled into the book. I black out. When I wake up, I am sleeping underneath a tree on the road towards Bree. And then...WAIT! I'm not going to write this now! I'm going to write a fan-fiction! :D Anyone interested in reading it?

11 people I tag:
1. Paige of The 828
2. Taylor Lynn of Perfectly Sensible Nonsense
3. Rebecca of Just Me
4. Arda of In Western Lands
5. Sierra of Keep Growing Beautiful
6. That Dude of Thoughts of a Dude and Dudess
7. Juliet of A Purple Sky
8. Helen of The Life of a Musician and a Dancer
9. Elizabeth of A Little Bit of Heaven
10. Miss Gwenea of Femininity and Daydreams
11. James and Jacob of J and J Productions

My 11 questions for you, 11 people:
1. What do you think makes a (a question for the guys) girl beautiful or a (a question for the girls) guy...errm...attractive?
2. What is your favourite type of flower?
3. Who is your favourite character of all time?
4. What are you listening to right now? (Doesn't have to be music if you're not listening to that.)
5. What is/are your pet peeve(s)?
6. What is your favourite language?
7. Do you have a special place in your house?
8. Do you sleep on your back, on your side, on your front, or do you turn around a lot?
9.  Do you a song that reminds you of a time of your life that you wish you could go back to?
10. Do you have one movie that you really hate? If so, what it is it and why?
11. What is your favorite song at the moment?


  1. Hi!
    I wold want yo read The "One Direction" Thing your writing!!!

    I love one direction!! My favorites are
    ~What makes you beautiful,
    ~One thing
    ~Same mistakes

    Do you know any other ones?

  2. Hi RayChill!

    :D O-KAY! :D I will definitely start a series of posts on them soon! :)

    Yes, I definitely do. Just wait for some more. ;)

    - Alyianna


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