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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last night I got thinking. Would a newborn baby's thoughts be something like this?

When I was born, my first love was Mommy. She held me close when I was feeling so scared because I was in this weird bright place that was so different than the warm, dark place that I used to call home.

Then came Daddy. He looked so handsome when I first saw him! Not like that doctor! *shudders*

But even before Mommy or Daddy, there was GOD.

He was there when I first came to be. When I was scared by the dark, HE comforted me. I grew to love the darkness and the little talks we had together. And, sometimes, we would just be quiet and I would delight in His Presence.

I found it weird when God told me about being born. That I was going to come out of this dark place and come into a new place where I would stay until I would get to see Him again.

Why don't they say that I'm born now? I EXIST, DON'T I?

The saddest part of my life was when God told me just before I was "born" that I wouldn't feel His Presence so keenly anymore until I went to be in Heaven with him. He told me not to be too sad because I would be with Him again in Heaven someday.


Doesn't that sound so beautiful too you? That even before the time that we call a baby being born, she or he is there in the womb, living and breathing, waiting for that moment when she or he would come out of that warm, dark place? And that that baby has a special relationship with God?

Now that I'm done with that, I can get to my few silly things before I have to go and clean!

So now I need to think of some more random things to post about. So FIRST...I encourage you to check out this awesome post by Hannah from Strawberries with Cream.

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