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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rescuers hand-rear baby squirrel found by dog

14 May 2012

The baby squirrel will stay in the SSPCA's care until it is 10 weeks old

A baby red squirrel is being hand-reared after being found by a dog in woodland.

The dog picked up the one-week-old kit in its mouth during a walk in Inverness and carried it back to its owner.

The kit has been taken into the Scottish SPCA's care and has been nicknamed Squirrelly.

After a night at the charity's centre in Inverness, the squirrel was transferred to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Clackmannanshire.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said the squirrel would remain at the centre until it is 10 weeks old, when it will be released back into the wild.

He said: "Squirrelly really struggled when he first came in but he is now feeding well.

"It's likely he has fallen out of a tree as he is too young to be by himself.

"He's being syringe-fed every two to three hours and he'll then be moved on to solid food." 


  1. The last thing my mom would do is take care of a baby squirrel!!! No matter how cute it is. We have way to many squirrels were we live. They are always such a pain. but i must attmit, this squirrel is kinda cute!!!! thanks for the great post, keep'um coming!!

  2. I will! :) Thanks for your comments; they make my day. ;)


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