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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quitting Row 80 :(

I have decided that I am going to have to quit Row 80 for now because I simply don't have time to write anymore. When I do have time, I need to be working on finishing my website, moving an rpg to that forum (since nobody else is going to do it), and working on the school newspaper that I am the chief editor of. But I should be able to come back when school is finished.

Besides that - what's new with me? School, mostly. I did a Social Studies unit test last night, and that went surprisingly well. But now I have to see if I can do a week's work of Math and a Bio assignment today...I'll have to see how that goes (if it goes at all, if you take my meaning).

Just to finish off, if you're dying to see me somewhere than in Blogger (which I'm sure you aren't, but just a thought ;P), you can find me playing this Hobbit character elimination game. (Funny what I find time for, eh?)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Alyianna! I hope your test went fine! I need to take a CAT test for school so I'm studying for that. The good news is that I am good at studing so I usually pass with flying colors. Just do the best you can and pray for guidence, right?


  2. Sorry to hear you're leaving. :( Hope you can come back soon and write again, though I understand the stress of having to manage school/writing life all at once. (I'm 16 too - sometimes I'm tempted to give up one for the other!)
    Best wishes....

  3. To RayChill: My multiple choice questions went fine...I don't know about my essay yet. What's a CAT test?

    To Belle DiMonte: Yeah, I'm hoping to come back as soon as I can. Once I get caught up in school and I get an issue of our school paper out, maybe I'll have some time. :)


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